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Women Superstars Uncensored Release History of Spirit and Tag Team Titles

Our friends at Women Superstars Uncensored announced the release of two new DVD releases today, both of which includes never before seen matches. “History of WSU Spirit Championship” and “History of WSU Tag Team Championship” are now available for purchase from

Official press release and match listings below:

[notice]WSU Releases Two Brand New DVDs

WSU, the leader in womens wrestling today, is proud to announce two new DVD titles in stock at the store. Those DVDs are “The History of the WSU Spirit Championship” & “The History of the WSU Tag Team Championship”. Both DVDs retail for $9.99 each and feature never before seen matches.

Here is the information on both DVDs:

History of WSU Spirit Championship
Cover Art:
Ordering Link:

Match Listings:
1. Spirit Title Tournament Finals – Latasha vs Amber vs Roxxie Cotton vs Jana 8/14/09
2. (c) Latasha vs Jana vs Lea Morrison 10/3/09
3. (c) Jana vs Latasha – Empty Arena Match 10/10/09
4. (c) Latasha vs Brittney Savage vs Becky Bayless 10/10/09
5. (c) Brittney Savage vs Alicia 12/12/09
6. (c) Alicia vs Brittney Savage 3/6/10
7. (c) Brittney Savage vs Alicia vs Brittney Force 8/6/10
8. (c) Alicia vs Brittney Savage – Empty Arena Match 8/6/10
9 (c) Brittney Savage vs Sassy Stephanie 3/5/11
Brittney Savage vs Nikki Styx 5/27/11

Price: $9.99
History of WSU Tag Team Championship
Cover Art:
Ordering Link:

Match Listings:
1 Tag Team Title Tournament Finals – The Beatdown Betties vs Amy Lee/Missy Sampson 10/11/08
2. (c) Beatdown Bettties vs Amy Lee/Taylor Wilde 1/10/09
3. (c) Beatdown Betties vs Brooke Carter/Miss April 2/7/09
4. (c) Brooke Carter & Alicia vs Havok & Hatred 6/6/09
5. (c) Brooke Carter vs Alicia/Brooke Carter 8/22/09
6. (c) Havok/Hatred vs Mercedes Martinez/Angel Orsini 11/7/09
7. (c) Martinez/Orsini vs Cindy Rogers/Jana 4/17/10
8. (c) Rogers/Jana vs Belle Saints 11/5/10
9. (c) Marti Belle/Jazz vs Soul Sisters vs Lee/Rogers 3/5/11
(c) Belle Saints vs Boston Shore 5/27/11

Price: $9.99
Don’t forget WSU returns to live iPPV on June 25th!
To Pre-Order This Event on iPPV & Save $5 Check Out:

For more on WSU, visit the following sites: home of WSU online where you can buy WSU DVDs (Updated daily with pictures, stories and more) – home of WSU’s “Uncensored” TV program.

Thank you for reading this press release & for your support of WSU.[/notice]

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