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Women’s North American Title Summit Breaks Down! Jazmyn Nyx Gets First NXT Victory

Hello everyone and welcome to another NXT Recap!

It was a really fun show last night, some great build up leading up to Battleground this Sunday where we’re crowning the inaugural Women’s North American Champion! 

Show opened up with Jordynne Grace vs. Stevie Turner! Nick already posted the recap for that match highlighting Jordynne’s dominance in her NXT in ring debut, you can discuss that here! 

Winner: Jordynne Grace

For me, I’m still fairly new to Jordynne despite being familiar with who she is from frequenting Diva-Dirt. This match between her and Roxanne this Sunday is the one with the most intrigue due to the rumors swirling around around that WWE is purchasing Impact. 

In ring summit took place featuring all six competitors for the inaugural Women’s North American Title match at Battleground this Sunday! This is a really fun segment with each performer getting a chance to shine on the mic. Jaida Parker is a damn natural, it’s come across effortless for her! She’s one I’m really enjoying watching at the moment.

Kelani Jordan came across much more confident in delivering her lines that a little bit came off as slogans, which could’ve easily come across as corny but she’s so darn likable it worked. I really hope Lash Legend has a stand out performance this Sunday, her storyline with Trick Williams is giving her a much bigger spotlight so this is definitely the time to make a name for herself. 

In terms of the winner for this Sunday, it’s between Michin, Fallon Henley, and Sol Ruca for me. Michin is the veteran of this match, that usually doesn’t bode well for her booking but I feel like she’d be a great pick to establish a new title. Fallon and Sol are to me, the strongest options, it’s just a matter of whether WWE wants the inaugural champ to be a face or heel.

Robert Stone comes out as the segment breaks down to announce a 6 woman tag match for later tonight! Onto our next match of the night though…

Jazmyn Nyx vs. Thea Hail 

Tie up to start the match between the two competitors, with Thea dominating from the get go despite not having the full support of Chase U. Nyx gets the better of Thea and takes control of the match. Not the cleanest bout but not bad by any means either, and there’s no getting better without getting reps. After a brief distraction, Nyx hits an impressive pelee kick to score the victory. 

Winner: Jazmyn Nyx 

Jordynne Grace is walking backstage and is approached by Mia Yim, we get a brief TNA reunion before what can only be described as a revolving door of interruptions from the entire women’s lockerroom introducing themselves to Grace. This segment was fantastic, it was not only fun to watch but gave the audience a detailed glimpse of who Jordynne Grace is and what she’s about. 

Segment next hyping up Shayna vs. Lola this Sunday!

Izzi Dame vs. Natalya

Nattie two nights in a row! She’s taking it to Izzi Dame too, Karmen Petrovic is at ringside with crutches. It was confirmed that it was supposed to be Karmen vs. Izzi but Karmen is injured. Izzi takes control and get’s in some really good looking offense against Natalya. Some nice mat wrestling on display here but Izzi shows off her size and power. Nattie ain’t no slouch though, powerbomb from the corner for two! Surprisingly, Natalya scores a win over Dame with a roll up. It’d be nice for Nattie to have a pinning finisher at this point in her career whether that be transitioning the sit-out powerbomb into a finisher or potentially a bridging German Suplex.

Winner: Natalya 

Lash, Kelani & Fallon vs. Michin, Jaida, & Sol

In a backstage segment Robert Stone approached General Manager Ava earlier in the night stating the tag match tonight would have a special twist to it and even though this was the simplest of changes, putting 1 face with the heel team and vice versa, it resulted in such a fun and entertaining tag match that built upon the success of the earlier segment. 

These six had great chemistry throughout the match! Between the excitement of debuting a secondary title, the in ring talent and the personality we’re seeing from each of the performers, NXT last night was giving me flashbacks of the 2008 Smackdown Women’s Division. Effective booking all around with characters that are easily understood. Can’t recommend watching this match enough! Even if it’s just to see yet another interesting variation of how Sol transitions into her finisher. 

Winners: Michin, Jaida & Sol Ruca

We also got an inside look for Shayna Baszler vs. Lola Vice for this Sunday in NXT Underground match.

Week is off to a great start for women’s wrestling fans after Raw on Monday and NXT last night!

Sound off in the comments on whose your pick to win the Women’s North American Championship! See ya’ll on Sunday! 

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