Saturday, September 23, 2023

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Women’s wrestling’s past, present and future to collide at The Summit

The best of women’s wrestling’s past, present and future will be on display this Saturday at The Summit, a coproduction between RISE, SHIMMER, Femmes Fatales and Smash Wrestling. Alliances will be tested, and most likely broken, throughout two of the event’s most anticipated matches. In one, two women as comfortable as teammates as they are as opponents will go one-on-one. In another, four of women’s wrestling’s toughest competitors will do battle.

Shotzi Blackheart and Delilah Doom, known collectively as Balls of Doom, are two of the most eclectic women’s wrestlers on the rise, so it’s no wonder they’ve found themselves on the same side of the ring on a number of occasions. However, just as fierce as their choice in team names are their competitive streaks, so their singles matches are really something to behold.

Of their RISE encounters, they’re practically even: during her Phoenix of RISE Title reign, Shotzi successfully defended the title against Delilah. Later, Delilah won win the title in a Six-Way Elimination match that included Shotzi. Remaining matches ended in a time limit draw, a DQ and a win by a third party. Of all The Summit’s matches, this is the one that could truly go either way.

Elsewhere, a Four-Way match will bring together four women known for their ability to take punishment as well as they dish it out. Allysin Kay, Priscilla Kelly, LuFisto and Cheerleader Melissa will face off, seeking to answer the question: who’s the toughest of the tough?

Is it Allysin Kay with her bloody matches, Priscilla Kelly with her boundary-pushing, LuFisto with her gutsy physical risks or Cheerleader Melissa with her violent resourcefulness? Each have forged her own path in unique ways, but all have earned reputations for being hard to break.

One thing’s for certain: “Holy shit!” chants will be the match’s soundtrack.

With this showcase of women’s wrestling’s rich present and bright future, it’s only fitting that it will be accompanied by an extremely rare appearance by one of the sport’s greatest: Bull Nakano.

The nine-time champion, Hall of Famer and all-around legend, who will be making just her second western appearance since 1999, will be conducting a wrestling seminar with aspiring talents and take part in a fan Meet and Greet prior to The Summit.

Fans can purchase VIP tickets to get a photo taken will Bull, an autographed 8×10 or both. As far as wrestler Meet and Greets go, this is one of the rarest opportunities around.

For more information on Bull’s appearance, check out RISE’s official announcement.

The full Summit card includes:

SHIMMER Championship match: Nicole Savoy (c) vs. Nicole Matthews

Phoenix of RISE Championship Match: Zoe Lucas (c) vs. Aerial Monroe

Femmes Fatales International Championship Match: Mercedes Martinez (c) vs. Jordynne Grace

Match Crowning the first Smash Women’s Champion (Special Referee: Xandra Bale): Rosemary vs. KC Spinelli

Fatal Four-Way: LuFisto vs. Allysin Kay vs. Cheerleader Melissa vs. Priscilla Kelly

Shotzi Blackheart vs. Delilah Doom

Ashley Vox vs. Veda Scott

Dust vs. Delmi Exo

Experience it all at The Summit, presented by Femmes Fatales, RISE, SHIMMER and Smash Wrestling at Midtown Event Theatre in Toronto, ON on August 10th, starting at 11 am ET. See it in person by buying tickets to the show and pre-show Meet & Greet or watch it same day on VOD. Every match will also be sold individually on

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