Sunday, December 3, 2023

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WrestleMania Not So Clear Cut After All?

Despite my presumptious WrestleMania Lowdown yesterday, last night’s SmackDown tapings painted a more complicated picture to the foreseen Maryse vs Melina match-up.

In order to avoid spoilers, follow the cut for my thoughts and opinions on the direction of WrestleMania 25.

As I say, last night’s SmackDown tapings saw a twist in what seemed to be a clear cut Maryse-Melina match-up at ‘Mania. Over the next couple of weeks, we’ll see the involvement of Michelle McCool in the Maryse-Melina feud that was teased on Raw this past Monday.

While in my Lowdown, I assumed that WWE made the decision to go with the champions for a WrestleMania match, it looks like Michelle has managed to make her way onto the card too given her involvement at the shows last night. This had been rumoured since there were reports to suggest that Michelle’s relationship with the Undertaker improved her ‘Mania chances.

From her attack on Melina at the first taping, it looked like Michelle was in cahoots with her fellow SmackDown-er, Maryse. However she then attacked Maryse at the second taping. There’s part of me that wonders if it will be Mrs Undertaker vs Melina and Maryse in a handicap match for both the Divas and Women’s Championship, but that’s just the part of me that would love to see some car crash lulz that’d have the marks up in arms.

The way I see it is if Michelle is involved, Beth Phoenix should be too but the Glamazon wasn’t in attendance at the tapings last night.

To be honest, I have no idea where they’re going with this. As the saying goes, this competition has been blown wide open!

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