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Wrestling World Pays Tribute to Luna Vachon

It’s been nearly 24 hours since the heartbreaking news that former WWE star, Luna Vachon has passed away at the age of 48. In the last 24 hours, we’ve seen an outpouring of blogs and tweets from the wrestling world. Here’s just a selection:

WWE Hall of Famer, Jim Ross, has written his own tribute to Luna on his blog. He writes: “Luna Vachon had a unique and often times challenging life but even with the issues that she battled she had many friends who, as will I, always look back upon the good days that we shared.” Read the rest here.

Wrestling veteran, Missy Hyatt wrote: “People fail to forget what a great worker Luna could be at times. I remember Luna worked an indy show against Alicia towards the end of her career in 2007. Luna put on a brawl that was reminiscent of Bruiser Brody in the 1980s in which they tore the building apart.” Read the rest here.

Our own Allison Danger has a blog up here, also. “Luna — thank you for being a warm and wonderful person to me outside the ring. Wherever you are, I hope you are at peace. Bless you, my friend,” says Danger.

Hart Dynasty Diva, Natalya, was the first Diva to pay tribute to Luna via Twitter. She wrote: “RIP Luna Vachon… you were loved by many. My heart goes out to you.” She later added, “Yeah, I’m just so saddened- my heart goes out to Luna Vachon and her whole family. She will be missed and always remembered.”

Former Women’s Champion, Michelle McCool tweeted: “Just heard about Luna… my heart goes out to her fam & friends!”

Hall of Famer, Shawn Michaels said: “My prayers go out to the family of Luna Vachon. God bless you, Luna.”

“RIP… I’m so upset for this,” said Cheerleader Melissa.

Former Intercontinental Champion, Chyna, who shared a lockerroom with Luna writes: “Rest in peace, Luna. I will miss you. Gone too soon. So many friends gone.”

The original TNA Knockout, Traci Brooks said: “RIP Luna, a wonderful human and an amazing talent. You will be missed by all… sad day.”

TNA’s Tommy Dreamer wrote: “Luna was the first Queen of Extreme. My first manager. Luna passed away on the night of 2 moons. Pretty unique just like her. Strong woman.”

“Watched hours of Luna while learning the art of women’s wrestling. What an influence. And she was so kind to me. I’ll never forget that,” tweeted Daffney.

WWE stalwart, Howard Finkel: “My sincere condolences go out to the family and friends of Luna Vachon on her passing.”

Goldust, who was managed by Luna at one point, said: “Luna was as freaky as me… maybe even more. Love her and will miss her… hopefully she’s in a better place.”

Hardcore Legend, Mick Foley added: “It’s a very sad day for wrestling with the passing of Luna Vachon. My heart is aching.”

SoCal Val from TNA wrote: “Keeping Luna & her loved ones in my prayers. Had the privilege of working with her several times. Always a pleasure, she will be missed.”

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