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Writers’ Choice Awards 2014: Best Tag Team/Group – World’s Cutest Tag Team

Diva Dirt presents its fourth annual Writers’ Choice Awards, as decided by the Diva Dirt team. As we come to the end of 2014, we have picked the best of the best to be awarded our Writers’ Choice trophies.

Best Tag Team/Group: World’s Cutest Tag Team

Immediate reaction might be mixed (… just like the team gender, get it?!), but to us, there is no tag team or group that has accomplished more this year than Candice LeRae and Joey Ryan – The World’s Cutest Tag Team.

2014 has been a huge year for Candice & Joey. Their wildly entertaining YouTube show is still cracking us up/going strong:

They’ve also created some pretty huge moments with their work inside the ring to boot, and… oh yeah, speaking of which, do we also need to mention they won three different companies tag team championships, including the much talked about victory at PWG Eleven where they ended The Young Bucks 500+ day reign?

These two are doing great, great things.

If you’re not entirely familiar, Candice & Joey weren’t always the team we know of today. They actually started out as enemies who only last year joined together to combat the likes of Kevin Steen, The Young Bucks, and Adam Cole. Sort of the whole “enemy of my enemy is my friend” type deal.

From there, they began teaming up and the rest was history. Now, they’re arguably the best representation of what intergender action can be with no restrictions or limits, completely taking the independents by storm and watching their popularity skyrocket as time goes by.

Going back to this year though, perhaps the biggest moment for our World’s Cutest Tag Team is the Guerrilla Warfare match as mentioned above. Candice & Joey teamed up to take on The Young Bucks with those coveted championships on the line. It was a match that, in the end, saw just how far both teams were willing to go in order to not only obtain victory, but to put on a fantastic, memorable showing for such an esteemed company.

When it was all said & done, the duo emerged victorious as Candice took Matt down for the count and ended the near two year run of The Young Bucks as PWG World Tag Team Champions. Of course, one major element that was also taken from the match was the fact Candice got supremely busted open as blood gushed from her face by the time the bout had ended. How you feel about that is your own prerogative, but to us, the entire moment was magic and something Candice & Joey should justly feel proud they accomplished.

Our words not doing enough justice? Check out this highlight reel from the contest and watch these high spots unfold before your very eyes:

Since that fateful night, Candice & Joey have went on to hold the titles for over 150 days. In addition, both were also in action at PWG’s highly anticipated annual Battle of Los Angeles, which is a multi-night tournament that features some of the top pro wrestlers in the world competing in various rounds of qualifying matches to reach the finals and reign supreme. This is also mixed in with a few select non-tourney bouts as well, one of which saw Candice & Joey defeat both Inner City Machine Guns (comprised of Rich Swann and eventual tourney winner, Ricochet) as well as Christopher Daniels & Frankie Kazarian to retain their prized possessions.

Oh, and again, on top of all that, Candice was also featured in the tournament itself, where she defeated Swann in the first round before falling victim to Johnny Gargano in the second.

Add on Candice being the current FWE Womens Champion, a brief stint together as DREAMWAVE Tag Team Champions, as well as being the current holders of FSP’s tag titles AND recently announcing they’ll be traveling to wrestle in Germany come March… it’s clear to see these two have dominated the scene over the course of 2014, and look to do the same as we head into the new year.

So after all that, if you’re still hung up on that whole gender aspect, let’s conclude with a lesson we can all agree on:

Candice LeRae is tougher than us all.
Joey Ryan is tougher than us all.
Candice LeRae and Joey Ryan are tougher than us all.

Stay tuned for more Writers’ Choice Award reveals throughout the day.

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