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Writers’ Choice Awards 2016: Best Tag Team/Group – The Black Lotus Triad

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Diva Dirt presents its sixth annual Writers’ Choice Awards, as decided by the Diva Dirt team. As we come to the end of 2016, we have picked the best of the best to be awarded our Writers’ Choice trophies.

Best Tag Team/Group: The Black Lotus Triad (Black Lotus, Hitokiri, Doku, and Yurei)

Though the Black Lotus Triad’s appearance in Lucha Underground’s Temple was brief, the group became the most deadly team all year, in just one night! Summoned by Black Lotus, the triad is composed of the fiercest, most acclaimed warrior assassins.

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Black Lotus’ complex and rich story has been gaining steam since her debut in the Temple in Season One. Out for revenge after her parents were murdered, her hunt leads her to Matanza Cueto, Dario‘s brother. El Dragon Azteca Sr. would go to Black Lotus and begin training her for the showdown.

However, she grew impatient and struck out on her own, getting captured by Dario in the process. He places her in a cell across from Matanza.

El Dragon Azteca Sr. attempts to rescue her but it was too late. Dario told Black Lotus that it was actually El Dragon Azteca Sr. who killed her parents. Enraged, Black Lotus kills him instead.

El Dragon Azteca Jr. takes on the mask in 2016, setting out to avenge his mentor’s death by killing Matanza. Dario informs Azteca Jr. that Black Lotus was the real killer, but Azteca Jr. doesn’t buy it at first. Dario then makes a match between the two for Ultima Lucha Dos.

Black Lotus and Azteca Jr. would face off during Ultima Lucha Dos. However, Pentagon Dark would interfere, breaking both Black Lotus and Azteca Jr’s arms to sacrifice them to his master.

Season Three of Lucha Underground would arrive and with it a pissed off and healed Black Lotus would look for vengeance against Pentagon, calling upon her trusted gladiators.

Dario would place Pentagon in a Gauntlet Match where, win or lose, he’d have to face all of them in succession. He’d face Doku first in a battle that would only escalate from here. After a beautiful flying elbow drop, Pentagon would catch her in an attempt at another by breaking her arm.

Yueri is out next. She ups the intensity of the match by tossing Pentagon into the crowd and uses an array of weapons to knock him down. But after hitting a tornado DDT, she flies off the second rope and gets caught in Pentagon’s signature package pile driver. He follows up the move by breaking her arm.

Black Lotus’ ace in the hole is Hitokiri.

She would bring the fight to Pentagon swiftly and fiercely. She’s quick, agile, and forceful. She proceeds to take her fair share of a beating.

But she comes back more determined every time!

After an incredible dive from Dario’s office Hitokiri is up first and tosses Pentagon into the ring. But he’s the one to fight back and goes for the Package Piledriver… but she fights out and hits the Canadian Destroyer for the win!

Black Lotus would meet her in the ring with the rest of the Triad to finally serve justice.

The message is clear, never mess with Black Lotus. Her team of hardened and intense warriors will match you, eye for eye.

Stay tuned for more Writers’ Choice Award reveals throughout the day.

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