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Live Coverage: WSU 5th Anniversary Show Featuring Jessicka Havok vs Mercedes Martinez

Diva Dirt presents live coverage of WSU’s 5th Anniversary Show airing live on Internet pay per view tonight from 7pm Eastern. (Click here to order.)

The show will be headlined by Jessicka Havok and Mercedes Martinez facing off in a “Title vs Title” match for the WSU Spirit and World Championships. Plus, Brittney Savage and Alicia face Sassy Stephie and Allysin Kay in an Uncensored Rules match and much more.

Follow our live coverage here at Diva Dirt and by following us on Twitter at @divadirt. Be sure to use the hash tag #WSU5YA when tweeting about the show tonight.


6.50pm ET: Welcome to Diva Dirt’s live coverage of the WSU 5th Anniversary Show. Stay tuned to this page and our Twitter page, @divadirt, for extensive coverage of tonight’s show.

6.51pm ET: Check out this picture of the WSU stars in the ring prior to the show. Thanks to David Muscarella.

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6.58pm ET: Quick predictions on Havok vs Martinez:

WSU 5th Anniversary Show: Quick Predictions (mp3)

7:05pm ET: The opening match-up will be between rising stars Athena and Leva Bates. Leva Bates comes out dressed in attire much like a jedi from Star Wars!

J-Cup Qualifying Match: Athena vs. Leva Bates
Lots of back and forth action between these two. Match is very ground-based thus far, with both women going hold for hold, and consistently (and constantly) countering each others moves.

Leva takes Athena down with a drop toe hold, then locks on a submission hold that ties up Athena’s arms and legs. Athena literally crawls to the ropes on her elbows and manages to break free.

Athena smacks Leva in the face HARD, which pops the crowd. She sends Leva into the opposite turnbuckle, calls for “one more” and goes for a handspring elbow that Leva counters. After more hard-hitting back and forth action, the match spills to the outside. It looks as though Leva is going for a count-out victory, but Athena plays possum and nails her with a roundhouse kick. When they’re back in the ring, Athena goes to the top rope and hits a top rope stunner for the victory and to advance in the J-Cup!

Winner: Athena

7:22pm ET: We cut to the back, where the Midwest Militia – who are all looking especially fierce tonight – are getting interviewed. Allysin Kay says that they say what they want and they will follow through with it. Jessicka Havok says that she’ll show Mercedes Martinez how real their match tonight is, pointing out that although Mercedes says she crossed lines by introducing a machete in their last match, Mercedes also crossed the line by calling her unprofessional and unworthy of the title. She’ll show Martinez just how worthy she is tonight.

7:25pm ET: Up next is one half of the WSU Tag Team Champions, Lexxus, vs. Rain.

Lexxus vs. Rain
It’s pointed out that Rain has been on a bit of a losing streak lately. Lexxus jumps Rain from behind as soon as the match begins. Rain soon takes control. She has Lexxus on the ropes, and teases a chop to the chest, but instead sends her into the ropes. Lexxus escapes through the ropes to take a breather on the outside. Rain, who has had enough of Lexxus’ shenanigans, chases her outside the ring, but Lexxus makes her way back inside and goes back on the attack as soon as Rain re-enters the ring.

Lexxus has Rain in a Camel Clutch, but Rain counters by lifting her up on her back (almost like a piggy-back) and drops her in the corner. Rain hits her with a flurry of fast strikes.

Lexxus is mostly dominating the match and is hitting Rain with everything she’s got, but Rain is simply not giving up. There is an inside cradle, which is followed by a series of counters and roll-ups between both (with both women fighting to get the job done), before they finally get separated.

Rain hits a couple of big power moves on Lexxus, including a powerbomb, who kicks out of them all. Finally, Rain goes for the Acid Rain but Lexxus slips through and counters with a victory roll to pick up the win. Rain is shocked by the loss.

Winner: Lexxus

7:47pm ET: The commentators (one of which includes WSU Hall of Famer Cindy Rogers) mention that the next match will be a tag match. Out come Rick Cataldo, wearing a fantastic orange and gold polka dot outfit, and his protege, Ezavel Suena. The commentators think that she looks familiar  – hint, hint – but they can’t tell because of her mask.

7:51pm ET: We cut to the back for a quick word from the tag team that’s been dubbed “Bones N Roses”, “Bonesaw” Jessie Brooks and the former Jamilia Craft, Jenny Rose. Rose says that she’s looking forward to teaming with Jessie Brooks – she’s her girl, they started training together – and that she’s definitely looking forward to the match. Rose also poses the question what Cataldo is going to do when they’re actually in the ring together?

Rick Cataldo and Ezavel Suena vs. “Bonesaw” Jessie Brooks and Jenny Rose
Some excellent team work by Brooks and Rose. When Rose and Cataldo finally both get tagged in, Rose wastes no time in laying into him. Rose hits a swinging neckbreaker. Suena interferes, but is quickly taken out by Brooks. Rose heads up to the top rope while Cataldo’s back is turned. When he turns around, she launches herself at him with a crossbody and gets the 1-2-3 in a pretty quick match.

Winners: “Bonesaw” Jessie Brooks and Jenny Rose

8:02pm ET: We again cut to the back where commissioner Amy Lee is being interviewed. Lee says that no matter what the outcome of the main event may be, neither title will be vacated. She also calls Lexxus over – who will be pulling double-duty tonight – and says that she gave her an opportunity to replace her tag partner after Amber of the Boston Shore made the choice to quit wrestling and wants to know who her partner will be. Lexxus says she needs to have faith in her and that she’ll find out when the rest of the world does. Before we head back to the ring where the next match will be taking place, Amy Lee announces that the winner of the Midwest Militia vs. Alicia and Brittney Savage match will become the #1 Contender to the Tag Team Championships.

8:06pm ET: Jennifer Cruz makes her way out to the ring.

Jennifer Cruz vs. Becky Bayless
Lots of trash-talk to kick off this match. The commentators point out that Bayless is trying to prove to everyone that she is a real wrestler and wants to be taken seriously. Cruz’s scoop slam is countered by Bayless, but Cruz quickly takes control again. Cruz hits a knee drop on Bayless’ face. Cruz keeps taking her time to taunt the crowd. Cruz delivers a trifecta of clotheslines on Bayless and goes for a pin, but pulls Bayless up at the last second. Bayless starts to make a comeback and mounts the turnbuckles. Cruz comes at her and Bayless goes for a sunset flip but Cruz sits down and holds onto the ropes to steal the victory.

Winner: Jennifer Cruz

8:15pm ET: Ahead of her big match with former tag team partner Marti Belle, Tina San Antonio is interviewed backstage. She says that while embarrassing Marti’s family isn’t really on her agenda, embarrassing Marti herself has been her goal for a long time. We cut back to the ring, where San Antonio is making her way out… before being shown a recap video of their feud.

8:19pm ET: Marti Belle is very briefly interviewed, where she says she will prove who the better Belle Saint is.

Grudge Match: Tina San Antonio vs. Marti Belle
San Antonio offers a handshake to start off, which Marti refuses. Marti instead offers a test of strength. A fair bit of chain wrestling to start off the match. First big spot of the match is when Marti looks to go to the top rope, but San Antonio knocks her down and puts her into the Tree of Woe position and begins targeting her knee.

Match turns into more of a fight – a bit more fitting of a ‘Grudge Match’ – when the action spills to the outside of the ring. When they finally make their way back inside of the ring, Marti hits Tina with a discus punch. Tina locks on a figure four leg lock, Marti reverses into one of her own, then Tina reverses the submission again back in her favour! Tina really locks the submission hold on but Marti eventually manages to make her way to the ropes and break out of it.

Then, out of nowhere, Marti locks on an inside cradle for the win!

Winner: Marti Belle

Kind of a random ending to what wasn’t exactly a Grudge Match.

Tina San Antonio attacks Marti after the match is over.

8:35pm ET: A nCw Femmes Fatales promo video is aired.

8:37pm ET: Brittney Savage and Alicia are interviewed prior to the next match. Savage says Allysin Kay and Sassy Stephie are going to get what they deserve tonight. She says what they did to Mercedes Martinez is going to happen to them tonight.

Uncensored Rules: Brittney Savage and Alicia vs. The Midwest Militia of Allysin Kay and Sassy Stephie
Sassy Stephie has handcuffs with her. As soon as Savage and Alicia make their way out to the ring, a fight breaks out.

On commentary, it’s mentioned that, in tying with the new working relationship between WSU and Femmes Fatales, LuFisto and Kalamity will be making their way to WSU this spring!

Because the match is being contested under Uncensored Rules, there will be no tags and any weapons can be used.

Kay throws Alicia into the guard rails several times, while Stephie takes it to Savage. Alicia begins hitting Kay with a water bottle. In a Cheerleader Melissa-esque move, Stephie puts Savage into a wheelbarrow position and throws her into both the guard rails and ringside turnbuckle. Alicia and Kay are fighting out of camera range. Stephie bounces Savage off of the merchandise table. Alicia and Kay make their way back out.

Alicia puts a door in the ring, and sets it up on two chairs. She then hits Stephie with the A-Bomb through the door! She goes for a pin, but Kay, who can’t believe what she’s seeing, breaks it up. This match is all over the place now, with Alicia putting Allysin Kay through a second door set up on the outside of the ring, and Brittney Savage putting Stephie in a Boston Crab, also outside of the ring!

Allysin Kay, who is now dominating Alicia, grabs some barbed wire and starts scraping Alicia’s forehead with it. Kay curbstomps Alicia onto the barbed wire on top of a chair, but somehow Alicia kicks out of the pin attempt!

Kay, who has recovered from Alicia’s butt bump to her face, begins setting up the door on top of two chairs much like Alicia did earlier. Brittney Savage is rolled into the ring and Stephie locks on the Last Chancery. Allysin Kay gets in Brittney’s face while she’s in the submission hold, but Brittney gives her the finger and mouths “fuck you, bitch”. This leads to Kay handcuffing Savage’s hands together whilst she’s still in the Last Chancery. She breaks free of the hold and Kay once again gets in Savage’s face. Savage headbutts her, which leads to Kay gripping her by the throat. Alicia comes in to save the day but the Midwest Militia 3D’s through the propped-up door!

Stephie then takes advantage of the situation by hitting the Kiss My Ass on a still handcuffed Brittney Savage to win the match!

Winners: The Midwest Militia of Allysin Kay and Sassy Stephie (NEW #1 Contenders to WSU Tag Team Championships)

Best match of the evening.

9:00pm ET: We are treated to a few minutes of promo videos, presumably while the ring is being cleaned up. When we return, Lexxus is again being questioned about who her tag team partner is. She says it’s a non-issue.

WSU Tag Team Championships Match: Lexxus and TBA (c) vs. The Soul Sisters of Jana and Luscious Latasha
Lexxus takes to the microphone as soon as she gets into the ring. She says she is sure she could defend the tag titles all by herself but has been forced to find someone. She then yells at the female ring announcer, Destiny, to stand in her corner and “act” as her tag partner. She tells her to just stand there and look pretty.

Lexxus is holding her own very well during the match. She hits a nice diving DDT on Latasha. Latasha goes for a dropkick on Lexxus but accidentally hits the referee. A double clothesline between Lexxus and Jana leads to them both being knocked down. The only woman left standing is Destiny. Lexxus crawls over to her corner but Destiny shuffles away to avoid the tag. Tina San Antonio then runs in, tags Destiny and goes for the pin on the downed Jana, but Jana kicks out!

Tina San Antonio and Lexxus get in each others faces because Lexxus doesn’t want any help. Marti Belle makes a re-appearance and pulls Tina off the apron and the former tag partners brawl to the back! Latasha takes advantage of the opportunity presented to her by hitting Lexxus with a enziguri. A three count later and The Soul Sisters are your winners!

Winners: The Soul Sisters of Jana and Luscious Latasha (NEW WSU Tag Team Champions)

9:15pm ET: Jana gets the microphone and cuts a promo about how they are finally the champions. The new number one contenders, the Midwest Militia, make their way out and Jana offers them the microphone. Allysin Kay says that they won the match by a fluke – Lexxus didn’t even have a legitimate tag team partner. She then challenges them for a match RIGHT NOW!

Jana says she has never backed down from a fight and she’s not going to start now and accepts the impromptu challenge!

WSU Tag Team Championships Match: The Soul Sisters of Jana and Luscious Latasha (c) vs. The Midwest Militia of Allysin Kay and Sassy Stephie
The match starts off with Allysin Kay and Luscious Latasha. Latasha immediately brings the fight. The action breaks down a little when Jana and Stephie get involved. Stephie takes control of Jana for awhile, until Latasha and Kay are eventually tagged in. Latasha tries to take Kay down but she won’t budge. She hits brutal looking kicks and finally stomps on her feet to get the advantage. Again, the action breaks down, with Stephie and Jana heading to the outside of the ring, and Allysin Kay locking on a reverse armbreaker on Latasha inside it. Latasha tries to hold on but can’t and taps out!

Winners: The Midwest Militia of Allysin Kay and Sassy Stephie (NEW WSU Tag Team Champions)

9:27pm ET: It’s announced that Nikki Syx has been entered into the J-Cup and we are treated to a promo video from her.

J-Cup Qualifying Match: Annie Social vs. April Hunter
This match is kicked off by a boob toss. Yes, really. April hits a nice rolling kick on Annie, then smoothly transitions into an armbar (during which she bites the hand of Social). Annie soon locks on her own submission hold – a triangle choke. April manages to work her way out of it and follows it with the Regal Stretch submission. Annie has nowhere to go and April wins the match and becomes the next person to advance in the J-Cup!

April shows good sportsmanship after the match by checking on Annie and her chest.

Winner: April Hunter

Quick but entertaining match.

9:38pm ET: Ring announcer Destiny prepares for the main event.

WSU World Championship vs. WSU Spirit Title Match: Mercedes Martinez (World Champion) vs. Jessicka Havok (Spirit Champion) – Midwest Militia Banned From Ringside
For the record, Mercedes Martinez won the World Championship on March 7, 2009 and has held the title for over three years.

Jessicka Havok is called “legit insane” by the commentators as she makes her way to the ring. You can feel the tension between these two as they face off in the middle of the ring. The two start taking it to each other as soon as the bell rings. The match immediately falls to the outside when Mercedes wastes no time by hitting Havok with a crossbody. Mercedes begins picking apart Havok by throwing her from pillars to guard rails and back again. Martinez is hitting Havok with brutal looking strikes and kicks.

When Havok takes control, she gives it back to Martinez just as much by choking her in the corner with her foot and hitting her with just as many strikes and kicks. Jessicka grounds Martinez and starts screaming in her face but Martinez takes her down and begins stretching her out. Martinez sends Havok face-first into the turnbuckle and shoulder tackles her several times. She then takes to the ropes and hits her in the face with a drop kick.

Martinez hits the 3 Amigas – two vertical suplexes and one BIG German suplex. Jessicka throws Martinez to the outside, then clears the commentators’ table of anything that was on it. She taunts Mercedes’ friend Cindy Rogers, then sends Martinez flying into the guard rail. She takes the opportunity to slide the commentators’ table into the ring while Mercedes is down. Havok sets up the table in the corner of the ring and follows with it to a kick to Mercedes’ head.

Havok goes to whip Martinez into the table but Martinez counters. She goes to do the same but Havok also counters. Havok then catches Martinez and powerbombs her through the table!

Havok follows up this big power move with some ground based submission holds – a Boston Crab, an arm bar, a Camel Clutch. Jessicka disappears out the back, then returns with the broken door from earlier this evening. She props this up in the corner as well. She again goes to whip Mercedes into it, but Martinez counters with a spinebuster on Havok through the door!

Martinez then proceeds to take a piece of the broken door and smash Havok over the back with it. While Havok is down, she hits her with a Saito suplex. Now Mercedes heads out to the back and comes out with another table! She looks as though she’s sliding the table into the ring, but props it up on the apron of the ring and the side guard rail. After brutalizing Havok a little more, Mercedes brings her out to the ring apron and then hits Jessicka with the fisherman’s buster through the table onto the concrete floor, which earns a “holy shit” chant from the crowd!

Mercedes takes the fight to the crowd, where she nails Jessicka with a steel chair. The two are battling it out by the merchandise stand but the crowd of fans is making it hard to see what’s going on. After throwing Mercedes into a wall, Jessicka grabs the steel chair and begins paying Martinez back for her own chair shots.

The match finally returns to the ring. As soon as it does, Havok disappears out the back and brings out yet another table. Jessicka hits an Air Raid Crash on Mercedes – the same move that nearly crippled her back in November – but Martinez kicks out of the pinfall! Havok then proceeds to set up the newest table in the ring and pulls Mercedes nearby it. Mercedes counters and hits another fisherman’s buster, for some reason avoiding the table, but this time Jessicka kicks out of the pin attempt!

The table is moved into the other corner and both women make their way to the top rope. They battle it out at the top and it looks like Mercedes Martinez sends Havok through the table, but a moment later, Jessicka drapes an arm over her and scores the victory!!!

Winner: Jessicka Havok (NEW WSU World Champion, STILL WSU Spirit Champion)

10:17pm ET: Allysin Kay and Sassy Stephie come out to celebrate with the new WSU World Champion, Jessicka Havok! The Midwest Militia group is now holding all of the gold in the company!

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