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WSU “Full Steam Ahead” Results

Tonight, Women Superstars Uncensored (WSU) is holding their first show since the sale of the promotion to Beyond Wrestling’s Drew Cordeiro. Fittingly titled “Full Steam Ahead”, the show has been designed to promote the dawning of a new era in WSU history with exciting matches like LuFisto vs. Mercedes Martinez and a triple threat match for the WSU Championship planned.

A small pre-show will also take place prior to “Full Steam Ahead”, with the ladies of WSU mixing it up with the men of Beyond.

Results from the show are coming to you thanks to @DaveMuscarella on Twitter.

* WSU vs. Beyond: Marti Belle def. Jaka with a double underhook facebuster.

* WSU vs. Beyond: Allysin Kay and Sassy Stephie def. Sugar Dunkerton and Aaron Epic in tag action. Described as a “hilarious” match, Epic demanded that the Kay and Stephie remove their spiked bras as they were classed as a “weapon”.

* WSU vs. Beyond: Jessicka Havok def. Mark Angel with the Air Raid Crash. Havok played the babyface in this match.

* NCW Femmes Fatales Champion Kalamity def. Leva Bates in a non-title match. Bates was dressed like Billy the puppet from the SAW movie franchise. Leva was also said to have really held her own during the match.

* Tina San Antonio def. Brittney Savage after a roll-up (with her feet on the ropes for a little assistance).

* Addy Starr def. Jessie Brooks with a running clothesline to a seated Brooks. Sammy Geodollno was out at ringside scouting this match.

* LuFisto vs. Mercedes Martinez ended in a time limit draw when the thirty minute time limit expired. The match started at “full blast”, with Dave saying “intense is an understatement”. The two spent time brawling around ringside, and after the time limit expired, the fight still continued, which led to the locker room emptying to break them apart. Mercedes wants a rematch with NO time limit!

* After the intermission, it is announced that WSU will return on February 9th as a double header with CZW.

* Saturyne vs. Niya is the first match back from the break. The winner will receive a full-time roster spot. Described as very fast-paced. Saturyne wins the match and the roster spot with a victory roll over Niya. Jennifer Cruz attacks Niya after the match but Jana makes the save!

* Allysin Kay and Sassy Stephie vs. Annie Social and Kimber Lee in non-title tag team action follows. A lot of kicking below the belt took place in this match. Kimber Lee hurts her knee when she is pushed off of the top rope and is unable to continue, so the referee stops the match as a result and the Midwest Militia are crowned your winners! Allysin Kay gets one last shot in on Lee’s leg as the MWM exits.

* Spirit Title Match: Marti Belle (c) def. “The Black Rose” Nikki Addams with a Pedigree to retain the Spirit Title. After the match, Ezavel Suena made an appearance applauding the performance. Belle and Suena then proceeded to yell at one another in Spanish.

* WSU Championship Match: Jessicka Havok (c) def. Alicia and Lexxus in a triple threat match to retain the WSU Championship. Said to have been a very stiff match, with Lexxus taking a lot of brutal hits from Havok. Havok retained the title after pinning Alicia with a roll-up. There was a lot of trash talking after the match.

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