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WSU News & Notes from Saturday’s Double DVD Taping: Steel Cage in November, Gail & Melina in WSU?

Diva Dirt has some exclusive news and notes from WSU’s double DVD taping this past weekend in Union City, New Jersey.

* I’m told these shows weren’t on Internet pay per view in order to spread out the iPPVs and make them more special.

* The tapings were used to build up the next two pay per views (November and March 2012) with top programs including Midwest Militia vs Mercedes Martinez, Alicia and Brittney Savage for the November 19th iPPV, and singles matches with those six women for next March at the 5 Year Anniversary Show. That event will see Mercedes vs Havok, Alicia vs Kay and Savage vs Stephie.

* I’m told that WSU had planned all of these programs as far back as March of this year. All the talent involved knew back in March what would be happening i.e. Midwest Militia forming and Sassy Stephie’s heel turn, as well as the matches being set for the 5 Year Anniversary show next March. The plan has always been to have Jessicka Havok get her long-awaited WSU World Championship shot at that event.

* The Midwest Militia vs Martinez, Alicia and Savage match that will main event the November 19th iPPV will be a War Games match set inside a steel cage.

* Expect less title defenses going forward from Mercedes Martinez as she no longer lives locally. Martinez recently relocated to Tampa, FL.

* One of the reasons the Martinez vs Lexxus match went 73 minutes was partly due to the PWI Female 50 which will be released soon. WSU wants to show why Martinez should be #1 on that list.

* WSU has apparently opened negotiations with Gail Kim and Melina who were released by WWE last week, and hope to get them on the November 19th iPPV if they are available.

* WSU is also said to be working on bringing an international name out of retirement for that iPPV.

* Lexxus impressed everyone backstage with her performance in the 73 minute match, exceeding expectations. Look for her to have a bigger role in the company going forward.

* Plans are already in place to put the April 2012 J-Cup on iPPV and use only main event talent in the tournament, and do it as a stand-alone show and not with NWS. The king & queen tournament may be dropped as it is the least profitable show on the WSU calendar.

* Annie Social and Gabby Gilbert (formerly Roxie Cotton) were welcomed back to the company this past weekend and will be on more upcoming shows.

* Amy Lee wanted to retire for the last year, but WSU pushed for her to stay and finish out her angles. It was always the plan to turn Savage face with Amy Lee helping her. The promo fans saw in the ring between Savage/Lee after the match was genuine and not scripted.

* There is no heat with former commissioner, Dawn Marie, but WSU wanted keep Amy Lee on the roster, just like they are with Cindy Rogers. Rogers is the new WSU commentator. WSU thought Lee would be a perfect commissioner due to her speaking ability. WSU never liked the ideas of commissioners, but feels Lee can add a new wrinkle to the shows and can be used to talk for people who need help verbalizing.

* WSU continues to be thrilled with Serena Deeb and feels she’s been the best ex-WWE/TV name pick-up they have ever had.

* WSU will be repackaging the Rick Cataldo character as they feel it has gotten too stale. Cataldo’s role at the taping was to conclude all his issues with the returning Betties and Brittney Savage.

* Expect a major revelation concerning the Belle Saints on the November 19th iPPV. A real-life problem between the two will be used to elevate their prescence in WSU.

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