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News in Brief: SHIMMER Promoter Talks Daizee Weight, JoshiMania is Coming, Maryse & More

You bring the coffee, we’ll bring the news! This is Diva Dirt’s news in brief, giving you the 411 on some of the little news items from the past couple of days. Let’s delve in, shall we?

* As reported over the weekend, CHIKARA issued a statement that Daizee Haze would be out of action indefinitely. It looks as though the announcement only pertained to CHIKARA’s storylines, but that hasn’t stopped the Internet from speculating over Haze’s weight.

Following chitter chatter over at the SHIMMER board, promoter Dave Prazak wrote the following:

I think everyone has made it more than clear that they wish the best for Daizee’s health and well being. I also think it’s a shame that all of the focus has been put on her appearance for the past year or so rather than anyone talking about how she’s been a part of some spectacular matches, in both SHIMMER and CHIKARA. I feel her match with Serena on 37 and the tag on 40 are two of the most solid all around matches we’ve ever had on our shows. Rather than offering praise for the quality of her work and contributions to the business as a whole, including teaching the young girls behind the scenes, it seems everyone just resorts to the “eat a sandwich” comments. Everyone wishes for her to be as healthy as possible, but please, move on.

And there you have it!

* CHIKARA has released a video package promoting December’s JoshiMania show which will feature Manami Toyota and Aja Kong. Dim the lights, grab some popcorn and take in the spectacularity. (I know that’s not a real word.)

Pinching self.

* Maryse posted a blog about last Sunday’s Teen Choice Awards where she rubbed shoulders with David Beckham and McLovin’ from Superbad. Read her blog here. Warning: Plenty of namedropping ahead.

* Gail Kim and Melina were released last week and the big question on everyone’s mind was, “What does Ashley Massaro think? Well, now we know…

The former ‘Dirty Diva’ tweeted the following:

I can not believe @RealMelina was released she was one of the most talented performers/wrestlers of her time. I’m lucky to have worked with her.

And @gailkimITSME again another sad loss for everyone. She’s such a great person. I remember chilling with her in Tampa. Anyway, such a shame.

That’s the scoop for now. Which News in Brief items tickled your tastebuds? Let us know in the comments!

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