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WSU News & Notes: iPPV Notes, TNA Knockout Backstage, Reaction to Ivory and More

Diva Dirt has a lot of exclusive news and notes coming out of WSU’s 4th Anniversary Show last weekend.

* The iPPV is said to have been a big success and was the best selling WSU iPPV so far and even exceeded the allotted bandwidth.

* TNA Knockout, Cookie was backstage. Apparently she was going to appear on the show as a surprise but TNA pulled her off at the last minute.

* I’m told former WWE Women’s Champion, Ivory, was a big hit with the roster. A lot of the girls asked for pictures with her and she watched the entire show from the audience. When it came time for her spot during the Spirit Championship mach, the whole roster was said to have been watching from backstage.

* Brittney Savage and Mercedes Martinez were considered to be locks for WWE Tough Enough which is why they were booked as having their belts in jeopardy going into the show. The rumor is that WWE nixed the list which was put together by the production company behind the show, Shed Media. The original line-up had names such as Savage, Martinez as well as Austin Aries, JD Maverick and others.

* Serena and Athena will be booked on a regular basis going forward.

* WSU is said to be clamping down on booking talents who work for custom wrestling companies that feature girls in a non-serious manner. “There are custom wrestling companies that feature girls in bikinis wrestling in oil, on blue mats in apartments.” The feeling behind that is fans won’t take those talents seriously as in-ring athletes and the company wants to portray all of it’s female wrestlers as serious athletes.

* I’m told that one WSU veteran talent will be retiring. An announcement will be made in June.

* Regarding possible heat with Allison Danger’s Pro Wrestling SUN, which debuts in New Jersey next weekend, WSU says they have no qualms with SUN. The company says they are supportive of any companies giving female wrestlers an opportunity and booking them seriously. A WSU rep tells Diva Dirt that they would even be open to working with SUN in future.

* The next WSU iPPV will be the Uncensored Rumble on June 25th. That event will be headlined by a female version of the Royal Rumble.

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