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WSU issued the following:

This past Saturday, on 11/13, the WSU World Champion once again defended her WSU World Championship, but this time under interesting circumstances. ACE Diamond Division Champion Eddie Kingston teamed up with WSU World Champion Mercedes Martinez to take on the unlikely duo of Rob Vegas & Alicia. If Vegas & Alicia won, they would become champions.
Alicia teamed up with Vegas for one reason – to get a shot at the championship that she built up from day one. The former 2-time champion was there for the gold.
The match itself was a very heated contest between champions and challengers. Vegas, the glory hound, cost his team the match when Alicia had Mercedes Martinez laid out with a michinoku driver. Vegas wanted to win the match for his team and tagged himself in. What he wasn’t expecting was to walk right into a killer backfist, courtesy of “The King of Diamonds” Eddie Kingston. After eating the shot heard around Union City, Mercedes Martinez was able to pin Vegas to ensure that her championship reign would go on.
After the match, Vegas blamed Alicia for the loss. Vegas actually went as far as to attack Alicia. In a sign of sportsmanship, Kingston & Martinez chased Vegas off. Martinez & Alicia shook hands after the match. After seeing these two compete against each other again, one can only hope that Martinez/Alicia II happens sometime down the road.
For a complete write-up and a pictorial recap of the match, check out:


11/6 was a big day for the career of Jessicka Havok in WSU. No more was Havok a tag wrestler or an enforcer. Havok was now going out on her own.

The former WSU Tag Team Champion had the biggest day of her WSU career when she defeated Amy Lee on the 11/6 “BREAKING BARRIERS” iPPV. But that wasn’t all. On the “Martinez/Rain II: I Quit” event, Jessicka Havok got a huge win when she defeated ODB via pinfall. However, Havok saved her biggest statement for last, when she announced at the end of the epic Martinez/Rain match that she had taken out Rain’s Army and was gunning for Rain next!

Jessicka Havok is looking to prove she is the baddest bitch in WSU. She’s already taken out Amy Lee & ODB and is undefeated in singles competition. wanted to catch up with Jessicka Havok to talk to her about her recent transformation in WSU. Havok told that she would film her own video because she does everything herself now.

WSU wants to warn our fans that the following views and expressions from Jessicka Havok are not necessarily the views of WSU.

After viewing this, it is safe to say that Jessicka Havok is on a mission in WSU. More on Jessicka Havok in a future update.

WSU was on hand to film several videos last night. Check the following videos out:
Mercedes Martinez talks her future in WSU, Serena, Rain, Jazz & More:

Eddie Kingston & Mercedes Martinez Talk Their Win:

Alicia Talks Nikki Roxx & Getting Back Into Title Contention:

NEW DVDS Available For Pre-Order
Make sure to check out or our previous press releases for full information on how to order the new WSU DVDs filmed on 11/6. WSU has released three brand new DVDs from our iPPV & DVD tapings. Talent on these DVDs include Mercedes Martinez, Serena, Jazz, Rain, Alicia, Angel Orsini, ODB, Traci Brooks, The Cosmo Club, The Belles Saints, Portia Perez & so much more.

WSU is able to operate based on DVD sales. We hope you check out to order these DVDs and support the hardest working women of wrestling.

Also on is the brand new Alicia Shoot Interview. This is one you don’t want to miss!

WSU’s Next Live Event Is on 12/11
When WSU returns live on 12/11, we will be presenting “Alicia/Roxx II”. Alicia & Nikki Roxx are both former WSU World Champions. Alicia has done it all in WSU, as she’s a former 2-time WSU World Champion, a 2-time Spirit Champion, a WSU Tag Champion & the winner of the 2010 J-Cup & King/Queen tournaments. Roxx is a former WSU World Champion and was also the 2009 WSU Uncensored Rumble winner, where she defeated 19 women in one night.

The accomplishments these two have had in WSU and in womens wrestling have been amazing. While this match is major enough on its own and is our headlining match on 12/11, WSU has decided to up the ante.

The winner of Alicia/Roxx II will receive an open contract to challenge for any championship in WSU, any time, any place, any show in the year 2011. The contract must be used in 2011 or the contract will be considered null and void come 1/1/12.

This is drastic and shattering news for the current champions in WSU. Both Alicia & Roxx will be fighting for the opportunity to challenge for any champion any time they want, and on their terms. You would have to think that these two are interested in the top prize in WSU – the WSU World Title. This could be very unsettling for WSU World Champion Mercedes Martinez, who already has a hectic schedule as the longest reigning and defending champion in all of womens wrestling today.

Both Alicia & Roxx have fallen short to Martinez in classic match of the year candidates. However, Alicia & Roxx are competing for the right to use the element of surprise. It is not guaranteed that the winner of Alicia & Roxx will go right for the World Title, as the contract allows the winner of the match to also get a Spirit, All Guts No Glory or Tag Title shot. But the smart money is that Martinez or whoever the WSU World Champion may be, better be ready.

For more details on our huge 12/11 show, check out this link:

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