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WSU Owner Responds to Criticisms, Talent Departures

New WSU owner Drew Cordeiro, following former WSU Champion Alicia‘s flurry of negative tweets about the direction of the company, has taken to Twitter to defend against some of the claims.

A series of rhetorical questions appeared to infer the reasons why former WSU talent such as Alicia, Amy Lee, Brittney Savage, Luscious Latasha, Rain and Leva Bates no longer work for the company:

Would you keep someone on your roster that refused to go through with the planned finish of your main event? … Would you keep someone on your roster that is holding you up for money? … Would you keep someone on the roster that was a liability to themselves or their opponent? … Would you keep someone in your roster that is looking out for their best interests over the best interests of the company? … Would you keep someone on the roster if they couldn’t hang with their peers in the ring? … Would you keep someone on the roster based on their perceived level of attractiveness?

In another set of tweets, Cordeiro shot down the accusations from Alicia as false:

There were a ton of false accusations thrown our way earlier today. News flash: don’t believe everything you read. I guess I’ll have to do an official interview with someone to correct some of the outright lies tossed at us today because in the eyes of many, staying silent is the same as admitting guilt. Everyone loves some good drama but lets not the frenzy get in the way (sic) of the facts.

Apologizing to fans about the drama currently surrounding WSU, he said that yesterday’s events and the talent departures were a long time coming:

My job is to make WSU the biggest platform it can be so everyone involved can do what they love in front of fans who appreciate their work. The numbers don’t lie. It’s a shame those who broke their back to make something of WSU can’t be here to help it grow but that’s a choice they made either through their lack of cooperation or by stepping down on their own. I’m sorry to our fans and other wrestlers today had to go down but it was a long time coming.

Lastly, responding to complaints about the decrease in shows, Cordeiro expressed the wish to run six total shows in 2013.

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