Saturday, August 13, 2022

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WSU Video: Jessicka Havok Sets Mercedes Martinez on Fire (Kinda)

WSU rising star, Jessicka Havok is sending a bold statement to WSU World Champion, Mercedes Martienz.

In a new video promo, she says that she’s coming after the champion, Rain and Nikki Roxx. Press release and video below:

Fresh after delivering one of the strongest interviews in WSU history, Jessicka Havok is at it again. The same Jessicka Havok, that made even the infamous New Jack say on the WSU facebook page, “That bitch is nuts!”

In her newest video, Jessicka Havok LIGHTS Mercedes Martinez on fire before making a special challenge. Havok also weighs in on the 12/11 WSU main event between Alicia & Nikki Roxx. The winner of the “Alicia vs Roxx II” main event will win a contract to challenge for any WSU Championship they want and at any time.

Havok also made it clear who she wants to take on at the 1/22/10 WSU event.

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