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Live Blog: WSU’s 4th Anniversary Show iPPV (March 5th, 2011)

Diva Dirt presents live, real time results from WSU’s 4th Anniversary Show iPPV. Stay tuned for a full report — as well as our opinions — on the event. To order the show click here.

7pm ET: Hello! Welcome to Diva Dirt’s live coverage of tonight’s WSU 4th Anniversary Show. The full card can be found here. We’re doing things a little differently this pay per view around, and a lot more uniquely. I’ll be live blogging the event as it happens, with real time updates including results & opinions. As always, you are encouraged to leave your own thoughts in the comments!

Note: WSU has announced the show may be starting a little late due to the Hall of Fame ceremony running long. They say: “Hall of fame is going long due to these amazing speeches we will start late but we have an amazing show for you.”

7.02: Stream has started and we can see the closing moments of the Hall of Fame ceremony. The full ceremony will be available on DVD and ClickWrestle. Amy Lee is in the ring inducting Luna Vachon into the Hall of Fame. The entire WSU roster is around the ring.

7.04: Amy says she spoke to Jim Neidhart about Luna’s induction tonight. He said Luna was the toughest woman he had ever met & he truly appreciated the direction she gave his daughter [Natalya] in her career.

Luna’s family was unable to attend.

7.07: WSU airs a video package dedicated to Luna. Very classy!!!

7.10: Nice video package dedicated to Luna. Pretty emotional to see all those highlights from her career. When the package video ends, the crowd and wrestlers are clapping.

Back in the ring, Ivory and April Hunter (the other inductees tonight) are given a round of applause & hold up their plaques. Ivory looks amazing!

7.13: The wrestlers make their way to the back. We are now getting ready for the actual show.

7.15: And now we are getting under way! Video package on Mercedes Martinez & Serena setting up tonight’s main event. We’re reminded that Alicia will cash in her open contract tonight for the WSU World Championship also.

7.17: We are inside the arena, ring announcer Destiny is in the ring. The house mic all of a sudden got super low. Athena is going to kick us off.

7.19: Opening bout will be Athena vs Leva Bates. Athena is in a new purple gear with chaps but instead of pants, they’re shorts. Not a good look unfortunately. Leva Bates is in her Iron Man gear.

7.22: Leva is in crucifix position on Athena but the Wrestling Goddess just slams her down viciously against the mat. Big pop from the crowd.

7.24: Crowd is hot for the heel Athena. She hits a really nice move — handspring into a clothesline on Leva in the corner.

7.27: Leva mounting a comeback. She hits an awesome double-knee smash on Athena in the corner.

7.29: Athena on the top and hits a top rope stunner on Leva. Looks incredible! What a move! Athena wins.

7.30: Great opener between Athena and Leva. Both girls got some shine in that match. Hope to see them both come back.

7.33: Nikki Roxx vs Niya now. Niya was the girl who recently had what was described as a really bad TNA tryout match. On paper, seems like a squash match in Nikki’s favor but could be a big upset win for Niya.

7.39: Niya went for a clothesline off the top rope but caught her foot on the rope and fell into the ring. Oops. Roxx with the Barbie Crusher for the win.

7:40: Clumsy finish due to Niya tripping on the rope. Not as enjoyable as the opener, I’m afraid.

7:42: Jennifer Cruz vs Jamilia Craft now. Cruz gets a ‘Go away’ chant when she comes out. She attacks Craft as soon as she comes into the ring.

7.48: Jamilia Craft with a belly-to-belly suplex for the win. An okay-ish match. Jamilia continues to improve.

7.49: Serena backstage promo. Standard “I’m coming for your belt” promo, but Serena looks incredible! Looks like she’s sporting new ring gear too and it looks hot!

7.53: It’s now time for Alicia vs Jazz, one of the big matches of the evening. Shameless plug: If you haven’t heard our interview with Jazz – do it! Very much looking forward to this one.

7.57: Jazz just hit a sick yakuza kick on the outside on Alicia, who had her head hanging off the apron.

8pm ET: Jazz has locked in a sleeper hold on Alicia for the past few minutes choking her out. Alicia begins to get back to her feet and hits a sleeper of her own on Jazz.

8.02: Jazz hits a big running boot on Jazz, knocking her out & picks up the win. We still have the tease of Alicia will cash in her championship opportunity.

8.03: Alicia gets on the mic and says thanks to Jazz for getting in the ring with her. Jazz says the better woman won tonight. She came here to WSU with a championship on her mind. Now that she’s been here she sees that it’s about the fans & they’re the reason why the girls come out to the ring. She thanks all of the fans for appreciating her & she appreciates the fans. Jazz raises Alicia’s hand. Fans applaud Jazz.

8.05: Alicia takes the mic again and thanks the fans for coming out. She reminds the fans of the contract she won a while back. She’ll see them later tonight.

8.06: Cosmo Club backstage discussing the Tag Team Championship match. Brittney Savage says ‘you bitches [Amy Lee & Cindy Rogers]’ must get the job done tonight. Dissension amongst the ranks. Amy Lee and Cindy Rogers arguing with Savage.

8.09: Bickering continues. Is the Cosmo Club over? Amy Lee calls her Savage a bitch, as does Cataldo. The whole team walks out on Savage.

8.11: Time for Allysin Kay vs our friend, Kristin Astara. Kristin looks fierce. She has great ring gear.

8.19: Kristin with a nice chick kick to Kay but can’t get a three count. She hits a Rock Bottom for the pin. Another victory for Kristin in WSU.

8.19: Kay has a lot of potential. Despite losing she has an ‘it’ factor about her. Glad to see Kristin continue to rise in WSU. I think her debut match with Niya back in December was better though.

8.21: Newly inducted WSU Hall of Famer, April Hunter out now to take on the Boston Shore (Amber & Lexxus). She has a mystery partner. Who will it be?

8.22: April Hunter announces Nikki Roxx will be her partner. She says they are both trained by Killer Kowalski & were the ‘Killer Babes’, They are reuniting tonight.

8.23: Nikki is back out, this time in her vintage red gear.

8.25: April and Lexxus having a pose-off in the ring showing off their muscles. Then they both do squats. And then press ups. As April goes to do her press ups, Lexxus attacks her.

8.30: A lot of stalling & not enough wrestling. Barely getting into first gear here.

8.34: Boston Shore working over Roxx. Seems like this is leading to Hunter, who was just inducted into the HOF, getting a big hot tag at the end, cleaning house & picking up the win.

8.36: Hunter tagged in and she is woman-handling Amber. Roxx with a drop-toe hold on Amber. She gets her into a camel clutch-type position and Hunter hits a bulldog.

8.37: Amber rolls up Hunter with a handful of tights for the upset win.

8.38: Least favourite match on the card so far. Afterwards however, Hunter gets a nice applause from the crowd.

8.39: Out now is Barbie, who is an independent wrestler who makes her return to WSU after 4 years. She gets booed and told ‘You suck’ by the fans. Her opponent is the highly charismatic ‘Rate Tank’ Kellie Skater making her debut. Fans pop big for Skater.

8.41: Skater is preening to the crowd & they’re eating it up. Barbie and Skater trash talk each other.

8.45: Crowd seems to be really into the match. Skater with a great northern lights suplex. Barbie hits a big boot on Skater… and then falls back on her butt too.

8.46: Skater with a great running overhead neckbreaker on Barbie for the win. The crowd is loving the Rate Tank!

8.47: It is now time for Jessicka Havok vs ODB. Havok has been rising through the ranks of late and picking up big victories over the likes of ODB and Nikki Roxx. She’s been waiting for an opportunity to take on Rain.

8.49: Havok attacks Rain fairly quickly.

8.53: Rain just hit a brutal chop on Havok in the corner. Yikes!

9.03pm ET: Havok hits a headlock side-slam on Rain for the win. Big victory for Havok. Hard-fought match. Havok is certainly on her way to becoming a big deal in WSU.

9.06: It’s now time for the three-way WSU Tag Team Championship match. Amy Lee & Cindy Rogers vs Jana & Latasha vs Marti Belle and a mystery partner. Marti Belle’s partner Tina San Antonio is injured so she won’t be competing. This is a ‘Fans Bring Weapons’ match.

9.10: Marti makes her way out to the ring on her own with both belts. Amy Lee spits in Marti’s face.

9.11: Marti gets on the mic and announces her new tag team partner for this match is… Jazz!!!

9.13: Jazz said in her interview with us she wants to be in a tag team and win the Tag Team Championships so here’s her shot.

9.15: Marti hands Jazz one of the belts but she says, “Don’t just hand me that… I’m going to earn it!”

9.16: Amy Lee: “Where the f#$k are my weapons?” Amy takes a baking sheet(?) and just annihilates Marti Belle with it.

9.17: Amy & Marti Belle are out in the crowd. In the ring, Cindy Rogers vs Jazz.

9.20: Amy Lee is taking out the girls left & right. She takes out Jana with a trash can.

9.24: Back in the ring, Jazz puts a baking try over Latasha’s knee and then hits her with a hockey stick. Ouch! Meanwhile, Marti Belle is being spanked by a spatula!

9.26: Marti is propped up in the corner & Amy Lee hits her with a huge low-dropkick. Jana with a face buster on Amy. Both Latasha & Jana cover Lee for the pin but Marti breaks it up. Marti shoves bread(!) in Amy’s mouth.

9.29: Jazz with a sit-out powerslam on Cindy Rogers to win the match. The new Tag Team Champions are Jazz & Marti Belle.

9.32: Pic of Jazz & Marti with the belts here.

9.35: Now time for Brittney Savage vs Sassy Stephanie for the Spirit Championship.

9.40: Rick Cataldo sent to the back. If he doesn’t leave by the count of 10, Savage will lose the belt.

9.47: Referee is knocked out. Cataldo comes back out with a chair. WSU Hall of Famer, Ivory gets into the ring and hits a huge Poison Ivory on Cataldo. Sassy Stephanie hits her finisher and wins the Spirit Championship!

9.49: Stephanie thanks the crowd.

9.51: Savage turns on Cataldo, calls him a ‘fat bitch’ and hits the RKO on him. She says she’s done with Cataldo. She says the Cosmo Club is over.

9.53: We see Mercedes & Serena prepping for their match. Mercedes is also in new gear — gold and black. Looks awesome! It’s time for the main event!

9.56: Uh oh! Mercedes has a pair of scissors with her.

9.58: Mercedes goes right after Serena as soon as the bell rings.

10.03pm ET: Serena goes for a spear but Mercedes moves out of the way. Serena slumps into the ring corner & gets hit with a cannonball by Martinez.

10.09: Serena has Martinez propped in the corner and is hitting her with big chops, something Martinez herself is known for.

10.13: Serena has Martinez propped over her shoulders on the top turnbuckle but she ends up wriggling free and hits a bulldog from the top. Martinez hits several suplexes on Serena as she gains momentum.

10.18: Martinez goes for a fisherman buster but Serena counters into the small package. Martinez kicks out. Serena hits her patented spear and goes for the pin but Martinez manages to grab the ropes. So close!

10.19: Serena brings a pair of scissors into the ring. She tries to cut Mercedes’ hair but Martinez fights back. She gets to her feet and takes it to Serena.

10.20: Martinez hits the fisherman buster to retain the belt. Afterwards she grabs the scissors and goes to cut Serena’s hair but she manages to roll out of the ring.

10.22:10.23: Martinez goes right after Alicia as the bell rings. She hits some suplexes and a German suplex on Alicia.

10.27: Alicia goes for the Michinoku Driver and pin but Martinez kicks out. She hits it again but goes for a pin but the lights go out! When the lights come back on, Jessicka Havok is in the ring and clocks Alicia with the WSU World Championship belt.

Havok says it’s her time to shine. She says she killed Rain’s Army and she’s coming for the WSU World Championship.

That closes the show.

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