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Latest Posts Highlights “Forgotten” Personality Muffy has compiled a list of 15 personalities fans have likely forgotten about, and one woman earned a mention: Muffy.

Muffy was Stephanie McMahon‘s personal trainer for a short period in 2000. sums up her character in writing:

Simon Dean wasn’t the only fitness guru to try and whip the WWE Universe into shape. Muffy, the personal trainer of Stephanie McMahon, briefly jogged into our lives for a few weeks in spring 2000.

The blonde bombshell’s favorite pastime wasn’t exercising, but berating fans for being obese and lazy. Muffy’s grating voice served as a deterrent from working out for anyone within screaming distance.

Stephanie McMahon must have been quickly fed up with Muffy’s annoying methods, as after a couple weeks, the trainer quietly disappeared, never to be seen (or heard from, thankfully) again.

Watch one of her segments below:

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Who are your favorite “lesser known” Divas?

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