Saturday, September 16, 2023

Latest Posts Looks at the Evolution of the Divas Division has published a new article focusing on the current state of the Divas division.

The report looks candidly on the loss of top Divas such as Beth Phoenix, Kelly Kelly and Kharma, and suggests that although the ‘E have lost some of their “best and brightest”, the landscape now is allowing those who are left to step up to the plate.

All the girls who compete in a physical capacity are featured and an extended spotlight is focused upon Divas Champion, Eve Torres.

The three page read nods mention to Natalya’s dungeon upbringing, Eve’s recent WrestleMania moment and even the NXT love quadrangle featuring Kaitlyn and Maxine.

Thoughts: Awesome to see the Divas get this mention! It just goes to show that although some top stars have gone recently, there could be amazing things to come with the current roster. Let’s hope the positivity of the article translates to TV!

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