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WWE.com Names AJ Lee as a Possible “Face of the WWE”

The argument of who’s worthy to be the “face of the WWE” has so far been limited to Superstars, but one WWE.com list has tossed in a Diva name: AJ Lee.

The Divas Champion is listed among the likes of CM Punk, Daniel Bryan and Randy Orton as those that have an “it factor” that makes them worthy of representing the company.

WWE.com explains their choice in saying:

Yes, she’d be the first, but isn’t it time? The entirety of pop culture is hinged upon the exploits of young, beautiful, unpredictable women. WWE has one who knows how to execute shiranuis and we’re sitting here bickering over which sweaty dude deserves to be on the red carpet.

Fact is, no Diva has commanded attention quite like AJ Lee. T-shirts, watches, iPhone cases, hoodies, even baby bibs — her likeness is on more products than Yogurt from “Spaceballs.” And we’ve barely scratched the surface on her abilities as a sports-entertainer. Those Shining Wizards, that Black Widow … she’s like The Great Muta if The Great Muta looked awesome in a pair of cutoffs.

Then she comes out on Raw on Aug. 27, 2013, and cuts the greatest tirade ever delivered by a woman in WWE with the “pipe bombshell” she dropped on the cast of “Total Divas.” You mean she can talk, too? AJ’s already great, and only getting better.

Still, what’s most convincing about her is that even as an in-ring villain, she’s become a role model for legions of young girls. Her retweets of preteens decked out in knee-high Chuck Taylors and strategically shredded T-shirts have revealed the kind of devoted fanbase usually reserved for “The Vampire Diaries” cast members. All #humblebrags aside, no one else on the WWE roster is enjoying this level of hero worship.

You can see the full list on WWE.com.

Could AJ be the face of the WWE?

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