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Not too familiar with WWE’s latest signing Nikki Storm? has you covered.

A brand new Q&A with Storm, real name Nicola Glencross is now live over at, where Nikki talks candidly about her WWE tryout experience and plans for the rest of her career.

On what her tryout entailed: “It was a lot of fun! We did a lot of conditioning drills, had a couple of practice matches and we did some promos. It was a three-day tryout and a fascinating experience. It was fun and it was challenging in a really good, positive way.”

How competing on an international scale prepared her for WWE: “For me, the good thing about traveling and wrestling across all these different countries is it makes you really grow as a person. It helps your wrestling grow, it helps your skill grow, it gets you used to working with different styles, different people — you really have to adapt. At the same time, when you go to somewhere like Japan, America, Canada or anywhere in Europe, you also still can’t forget why they brought you there in the first place. You very much still have to be able to adapt, but also be yourself and bring stuff to the table.

Her first impressions of the WWE Performance Center: “The first time I ever walked into the Performance Center was back in January and the only way I can really describe it is you finally understand what it’s like to go down the rabbit hole from “Alice in Wonderland.” I just remember looking around and it’s got the training rings, this amazing gym facility, the promo rooms — you’ve got all the tools there to succeed. It’s just this amazing facility and it’s unbelievable that I get to go there every day.

“The Best in the Galaxy”‘s goals within WWE: “NXT Women’s Championship, WWE Women’s Championship, Tag Team Championship… by myself [laughs]. No, for me, I’ve got goals in mind and I want to leave a legacy behind, and in 20 years’ time, I want people to know exactly who I was. I want to be in the WWE Hall of Fame, I want to achieve greatness, I want to have these amazing matches, I want to have history-making matches and I do want to become champion. I’ve got big goals for myself.”

Nikki also discusses her dream superstar opponent, representing Scotland in WWE, and more. Click here to read the entire interview over at

Nikki was signed to WWE back in April. Before being hired for the company, she was the only-ever three-time Pro Wrestling: EVE Champion, her final reign ending in March.

Get further acquainted with Nikki’s work via her ClickWrestle VOD profile.

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