Tuesday, July 23, 2024

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WWE Considering “Top Divas” and “Best of Bra and Panties” DVDs?

Are DVDs focused on the WWE’s top Divas and Bra & Panties matches coming soon to a store near you?

They might, depending on how fans react to the idea. WrestlingDVDNews.com is reporting that the WWE, as they’ve done in the past, has sent out a survey gauging fans’ interest in potential DVD releases. Among the ideas are “Best of Bra and Panties” and “Top Divas”.

“Top Divas” may resemble the long-rumored Divas countdown DVD, while you can probably guess what “Best of Bra and Panties” would entail.

I think we speak for most Diva fans when we say yea to “Top Divas” and a big fat nay to “Bra and Panties”.

Which DVD would you rather see?

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