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WWE Diva News & Tidbits

The official website of World Wrestling Entertainment has ranked the ‘Top 25 Greatest Managers of All Time.’ A quick recap of which Divas have made the list: The Horny Little She-Devil, Terri Runnels, came in at number twenty two, as the ever notorious Sunny ranks in at number thirteen. Sherri Martel just barley makes the top ten coming in at number eleven, while the forever eloquent Miss Elizabeth does, finding herself in at number eight, respectfully. To view the complete list, head on over to WWE.Com

According to Jim Ross’ latest blog, via his official website, he is reporting that WWE Diva Mickie James was involved in a car accident on Monday late night leaving Raw and heading to Omaha. Black ice was the culprit, though she escaped serious injury on the treacherous roads during frigid weather.

Mary Blinstrubas, Stephanie McMahon‘s executive assistant who had been with the company since November of 2006, was released from her duties. It was said she is to be pretty much incompetent and “constantly was sending out creative scripts via e-mail to random departments within the company, putting random people in the loop on creative before Vince even had a chance to review the shows, [and] had humorous slip ups where she’d call Michael Hayes ‘Virgil’ and call Virgil ‘Brian’ (after Gewirtz). She’d also accidentally patch in important calls with random extensions on the WWE board during conference calls with Vince.” Other duties had included: personal shopping, relying messages to the family nanny, etc.

According to an unnamed source within World Wrestling Entertainment, Tiffany “New York” Pollard may become a pro wrestler. The ‘source’ claims that the wrestling organization has been in negotiations with Tiffany for months to join them. And the insider claims that the two sides are pretty close to a deal. ‘New York’ may indeed play an “integral role” in Wrestlemania 25 – on April 5th.

WWE.Com has confirmed Victoria‘s official retirement, as the following preview had been posted on their SmackDown Superstars Page: Veteran WWE Diva Victoria plans to retire following her match with Michelle McCool this Friday on SmackDown. What will this vivacious vixen do in the final match of her career?

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