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WWE Elimination Chamber in Review: A Superflyer’s Backfire Puts Kaitlyn on the Road to WrestleMania

Well, here we are. Tonight at Elimination Chamber, Diva’s Champion, Kaitlyn, will take on Tamina Snuka in a match that almost no one cares about. That sucks, in my humble opinion, because these two girls deserve a lot better than that. But the WWE hasn’t done much with Kaitlyn since she won the title. And they certainly haven’t given us any reason to look forward to this match (unless you have the WWE Mobile App…). For the life of me, I can not get that Las Vegas Show Girl match out of my head and I know that’s what’s holding me back from fully embracing this match. Tamina and Kaitlyn just do no gel. That being said, I’m going to TRY and be open-minded. Perhaps we’re all in for a pleasant surprise? Lets stop wasting time and find out right now!

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Tamina is the first competitor to make her way to the ring, and she looks incredible. That gear… oh my! She certainly looks like a worthy title contender, doesn’t she? Following her out is our champion, and low and behold, Kaitlyn filmed a little video package earlier in the day. To sum it up, she talks about how she spend the last year battling her crazy ex-BFF and Eve Torres, and she’s not about to lose the title in her first defense. She puts Tamina and her power, and says that no matter what she will leave as champion tonight. I liked it.

The match kicks off with the two locking horns and jockeying for position. Kaitlyn actually takes the advantage here by forcing Tamina against the ropes, which prompts the referee to call for a break. Kaitlyn backs off reluctantly and Tamina comes back at her by shoving her, and kneeing her in the gut. Kaitlyn isn’t too fussed and takes Tamina to the mat with a nice looking little slam. They go back and forth for a bit, before Kaitlyn takes control with a kick little roll-up. Tamina kicks out.

Tamina goes to the ropes in order to make Kaitlyn back off, and the champ does. But it’s only for a second. She is right back on Tamina and ends up getting her in another pinning predictament. Again, Tamina is able to get out of it. The brunette decides to just roll out of the ring in an attempt to break Kaitlyn’s momentum. Kaitlyn follows her right out and they both end up back in the ring. At this point, the cameras cut backstage to an absolutely pitiful shot of the Divas backstage watching the monitor. The division is just so depleted at this point… sheesh. Anywho, Kaitlyn and Tamina end up back out of the ring and this time on the opposite side.

Kaitlyn tosses her opponent back in, and looks to follow it up. But this time, Tamina has other plans. She knocks Kaitlyn into the ring post and Kaitlyn goes bouncing off the steps. Very nice spot. Tamina uses the chance to pose for the crowd. After she’s done with that, she goes outside to get Kaitlyn. The champ ends up back inside the ring and she still has some fight left in her. She ends up kicking Tamina, but Tamina fires back with a nasty foot to the face. Kaitlyn crumbles to the mat, and Tamina finally goes for her first pin attempt. The champ just gets her shoulder up.

Tamina isn’t pleased and decides that it’s time to put Kaitlyn out of her misery. She lays her with a nice back-to-belly suplex (I probs just made that up) and after taking a moment to survey the damage, she decides to go up top. She’s clearly going for the Snuka Splash and ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh she misses! Kaitlyn rolls out of the way and Tamina is up in a flash. She’s hurt and Kaitlyn goes right for the spear! She covers Tamina and picks up the win. That all important first title defense is now under her belt!


Well, I can honestly say I didn’t hate it. And it wasn’t exactly a hot mess like I envisioned. It was short and sweet, and both ladies kept it simple. Kaitlyn looked great taking the bump on the outside with the ring steps, and Tamina looked a legitimate threat. From her hair and make-up, to her stunning ring gear, Tamina certainly made an impression. She is physical and she is strong, and her gear tonight made her stand out. For the first time ever I took Tamina seriously. It was such a nice change of pace for her. I never really thought she would win, but I oooohed and ahhhhed when she climbed to the top for the splash. I even cringed a bit when she missed it. She took Kaitlyn’s spear really well, and the ending was executed really well.

Kaitlyn her first defense under her belt and that’s key for a champion. She had a rough month. She didn’t get much television time. There wasn’t much build for her match. She didn’t exactly gel with her opponent the first time around. But it’s all a learning curb, I guess. I think out of who’s left in the division, she is the right person to hold the belt right now going into WrestleMania. Kaitlyn would be perfect for a gimmicky type of match, or they could give the fans what they want and do Kaitlyn versus AJ. I think either scenario would work because there’s not much of anything else. The pathetic backstage shot of the Divas watching the monitor showed how depleted the division is at the moment and how desperately new Divas are needed. I would love for the NXT girls to do some type of invasion angle a la The Shield, or whatever, but the odds of that happening are pretty slim.

Whatever the case is, Kaitlyn needs something to spice up her title reign.

Overall, I would have to say I was content with what the Elimination Chamber provided us with tonight. My expectations where very low going in, but Kaitlyn and Tamina rose to the occassion and delivered a match that wasn’t bad at all. Good for both of them, and I’m glad it ended up being fun.

We are officially on our way to WrestleMania, and again my expectations are low. This time of year is never kind to the Divas so lets all just sit back and hope for something that isn’t garbage. Until next time! Cryssi… out.

Match Rating: 3/5

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