Monday, February 26, 2024

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WWE Hypes Gail Kim’s Return!

The six month wait is finally over… This is way better than having her randomly turn up on TV! has posted a vignette of Gail Kim hyping her return to the WWE! Excited!

Yesterday, several news outlets reported that Gail is being held off until post-WrestleMania for her return, which if you think about it is a good idea. It saves her character to be well planned out and given plenty of screentime rather than putting her in the mad rush leading up toWrestleMania.

I love that this vignette concentrates on how Gail is an athlete and a wrestler, it goes to show that WWE does respect female wrestling talent and this is definitely a good look for them. Furthermore, given Christian’s unceremonious comeback to ECW, I think ‘coming soon’ vignettes work much better so this puts some confidence in Gail on WWE’s end.

I’m assuming this is the first of a series of vignettes that will be played on SmackDown in the coming month or so.

It’s good to have you back, Gail!


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