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WWE Main Event Redux (April 24th, 2015): Wait, What Year is This?

Hi all! Welcome to this week’s Main Event Redux. Two former Divas Champions went one on one this episode, as Brie Bella and Alicia Fox faced off. Brie was in full face mode, with her own entrance music making a return. She made her way out to the ring first, and Alicia soon followed.

We come back from commercial and kick things off right away. The ladies lock up and Brie tosses Alicia across the ring. Alicia looks amused as YES chants break out among the fans. Brie keeps her focus and takes the lead briefly, before running into a big boot from Alicia as Alicia comes off the ropes. Alicia takes her time and covers for a two count.

Frustrated early on, Alicia drives Brie face first into the mat. Brie climbs to her feet and attempts to fight back, but Alicia sends her into the corner. Brie’s sprightly, however, and turns the tables. She hits Alicia with a running bulldog and goes for the pin, but only manages a two count. Alicia gears back into action and catches Brie in her patented back breaker. Another pin, but Brie kicks out.

Alicia’s next tactic is to try and wear Brie down. She plants her in a headlock and settles in. With some support from the crowd, Brie manages to get to her feet. Alicia’s having none of that, and throws Brie right back down again. Alicia connects with her bridge pin, but after Brie kicks out yet again, Alicia starts to crack. She locks Brie up once again, perhaps hoping to subdue her opponent long enough to figure out her next plan of attack.

Brie breaks the hold, staggering to her feet, and suddenly she’s firing on all cylinders. She hits Alicia hard, coming out of the corner, then knocks her down with a lovely drop kick. A knee to the gut follows, and then Brie’s knee to the face. She fires up the crowd with her, too. Brie hits the missile drop kick on Alicia but fails to put her away. Alicia rolls out of harms way, then misses wildly with her scissors kick. Brie capitalises! She finds the Bella Buster, and it’s enough to put Alicia down for the three count.

Afterwards, Alicia Fox is pretty pissed off. No one tantrums like she tantrums!

Thoughts: This was a refreshing little match. I think it served a few purposes; Brie, and by extension Nikki, look strong going into Extreme Rules. It also shows that the crowd have faith in Brie as a face, so WWE know they have that to fall on if they do indeed turn the Bellas face at the pay per view. That remains to be seen. We also saw the return of Alicia’s tantrums, hence the title of this piece. Alicia going crazy? Brie as a face? Are we in the past?

All said and done, I’m looking forward to tonight’s match. Both Naomi and Nikki know how to put on a good show and, if nothing else, it’s going to be a fantastic change of pace from the feuds we’ve been getting recently. Hopefully Naomi captures gold – but not just yet. I want Nikki to reign supreme for a good while longer.

Until next time! x

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