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WWE Main Event Redux (April 29th, 2014): Paige Culls the Fox and Faces the Threat

What’s up Diva fans and welcome to this week’s Main Event Redux. WWE Divas Champion Paige ticks off another show in which she has wrestled on this week as she squares off against the underutilized Alicia Fox for a second time. Can Alicia cause an upset (a.k.a has hell frozen over) and will Paige and Tamina interact even once on the road to their fantastically booked feud? Laugh at my sarcasm and in the words of Jim Ross, get ready to witness a slobberknocker!


Out first this week is the Brutal Brit at the very top of the division, it’s Paige. Fun fact: I put Paige’s theme on my iPod and strut around the town in a leather jacket… did I just say that out loud? Oops. Well don’t judge, my walks to the bus stop are way more enjoyable than yours. Not when I let out a Paige-esque scream though, I’ve gotten a few dirty looks from doing that!

Out next, it’s Kelly Kelly! Oh no wait sorry, the luminous bubblegum attire confused me there! Alicia swings those hips out of their sockets practically whilst flailing that rag/hood/cape that she wears. Alicia generically shimmies whilst posing to the crowd and I begin to wonder if Alicia is going to begin flip-flopping again. Oh WWE. I wish you push this beautiful creature.

The girls start the match with a collar and elbow tie-up, and the girls take it to the outside without letting go. Hellcat alert – these two are getting nasty! Paige makes the best of the situation and traverses onto the apron, yet Alicia fights back with a club the back. Alicia then tries to pull Paige off the ring skirt area, yet Paige kicks her in the chest and hits a very unexpected hurricanrana.

HOW GOOD WAS THAT?! Tear those stars out from the sky, Paige!

Paige throws Alicia back in the ring, yet Alicia bails to the outside. Paige grabs at ‘Lic’s weave yet Alicia rebounds back yet again and pulls Paige’s throat into the middle rope before slapping her in the face. Back in ring, A.Fox throws Paige into the turnbuckle and gets a two count. Alicia keeps the heat on Paige, kneeing her in the back before hitting a chinlock. Paige writhes at Alicia’s hair again and she powers to a vertical base before being whipped into the corner. Paige then avoids Alicia’s running attack before elbowing her in the face repeatedly. Out of nowhere, Alicia responds in a major way, decking Paige with a big boot.

After another near fall for Alicia, the Divas tussle for the upper hand with irish whips and reversals, until Paige reverses a sunset flip from Alicia by booting her in the mouth. Paige throws Alicia down by her hair like a ragdoll yet once again, Alicia responds with a fight back straight away, kicking Paige in the stomach. The back-and-forth nature of the match continues as Paige hits back with several knees to the face, which Alicia sells perfectly. Paige looks to hit her submission finisher yet Alicia counters into into a near fall. The pair then jockey for position as they look to suplex one-another. Paige gets the better of the viciousness and brings back her Rampaige DDT for the win!

After the match, Paige has a stare down with her challenger for Extreme Rules, Tamina Snuka. And by stare down, I mean Paige had to try not to laugh at Tamina’s wonky contact lens. LOL.

Tamina Wonky Contact Lense

Thoughts: Yet another top-notch encounter between Paige and Alicia. These two have electric chemistry (who doesn’t with Alicia?) and I loved the major physicality. They were ripping at hair, taking brutal shots to the body and face, taking bumps on the outside and I loved every single spot.

The back and forth nature of the match was also something I thoroughly enjoyed. Alicia has been made to look strong in defeat yet the moves Paige uses to get her wins are so unique and different and this makes her look really, really strong, despite not dominating the action in the match. It’s a weird mix yet works perfectly. Alicia looked impressive and because of the finishes, Paige didn’t come across in any way weaker. I loved it.

Onto the Paige and Tamina stare down, I would have done this way differently. I get that Tamina can be a stoic, silent type yet she’s just spent months beating the crap out of Divas for AJ Lee‘s gain. She should have destroyed Paige on the ramp and hit a Samoan Drop on the steel. That’s how you make a statement, Tamina. Instead, she just made colored contact lenses look lame.

And with that, stay tuned, Jack will be back!

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