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WWE Main Event Redux (August 21st, 2015): Flair Battles Fox

What uuuuuuup?

It’s been a long time, guys. Matches on Main Event have been few and far between the past couple of months, and when they have been around I haven’t been. Hopefully this week is a sign of things to come! Hope you’re all doing well. Let’s settle in for what is sure to be a very athletic encounter between Alicia Fox and Charlotte, shall we?

Alicia heads to the ring with her fellow Team Bella members, Nikki and Brie. Charlotte awaits her with Becky Lynch. Conspicuous in her absence is Paige, leaving only C and B to represent. I’m still not keen on Team PCB as a name, but I’ll roll with it I guess.

The bell rings and the ladies kick things off with a bit of back and forth. Charlotte wastes no time in reminding Alicia Fox just who she’s in the ring with; after knocking Alicia down, Charlotte treats us all to a little strut, a la her pops, Ric Flair. The crowd laps it up as Team Bella frowns on from the outside.

The ladies lock up again and Alicia takes control. She brings Charlotte down to the mat, a relentless head lock in place. But Charlotte fights out, and with the crowd and Becky behind her, manages to create some distance between herself and Alicia. Not Ashley, Jerry Lawler. Good Lord. Alicia plays around a little, but Charlotte’s totally unimpressed and calls for them to go at it once more.

Alicia tries to take control and knocks Charlotte on her back with a big shoulder block. Charlotte springs right back up, like nothing even happened, and that has to rile Alicia up a least a little bit. We know Alicia isn’t exactly the… umm… most chilled out woman on the roster. She tries again to take Charlotte down but Charlotte counters into Charlotte’s Web. Alicia kicks out.

Charlotte now with a sweep of the leg and running knee drop to the face. She comes up all confidence, and Alicia’s struggling already.

But she’s not out yet. That fiery temper of hers gives way to a lot of things, including a come back. She delivers a big elbow out of the corner, right to Charlotte’s face, and then proceeds to smash baby Flair’s head into the turnbuckle not once, but twice. Alicia rubs salt into the wound then, with some noisy chops to Charlotte’s chest. Charlotte’s not about to let that one slide though, and comes out of the corner with a big kick to Foxy’s mid-section.

Now it’s Charlotte’s turn to deliver some chops.

She does so with gumption, before taking Alicia down to the mat. Alicia turns the tables, and winds Charlotte with a kick to the chest. Not one to be swayed, Charlotte stays the course. She heads to the second rope from the outside, but Alicia’s too quick for her a hits her with a sick kick to the side of the head, sending Charlotte tumbling to the floor!

We’re back from commercial and Alicia is in control. She has Charlotte all tied up in the middle of the ring, and when Charlotte tries to fight back Alicia grounds her with a huge back breaker off the ropes. Charlotte kicks out of Alicia’s pin attempts at two, but it doesn’t go far as Alicia has Charlotte back in that headlock once more.

Charlotte does her best to fight out of her predicament, almost managing to get to the ropes. But Alicia pulls her back in, and then delivers a swift northern lights suplex to the blonde. Charlotte is able to kick out again, but she appears to be fading fast in this match so far. She may have been born for this, but Alicia has been around for a long time.

Speaking to what I mentioned earlier, Alicia’s tantrum takes hold and she slaps Charlotte across the face. Hard.

With Charlotte in the corner, Alicia takes aim at her leg. Two stiff kicks in the right place keep Charlotte grounded, and as she lays by the ropes she looks more than a little worse for wear. Alicia taunts her opponent, claiming ‘she’s no Flair’. Becky tries hard to get the crowd behind Charlotte, but she’s still struggling to find her feet after that tumble from the top rope. Alicia takes hold again, but Charlotte begins showing signs of life and repeated shots to Alicia’s abdomen helps put space between them.

The two ladies size each other up and make a run for one another.

Two boots hit two faces right at the same moment, and both ladies are DOWN.

That was sick! I loved it!

Both ladies take the time they need to recover and, when they’re both upright, Alicia comes hurling out of the gate. But Charlotte’s smarter than that, and side steps her opponent in time. Now Charlotte’s in control, and she’s punishing Alicia with huge chops to the chest. Alicia tries to fight back, but Charlotte hooks her and delivers a beautiful neck breaker. With Alicia stumbling around, Charlotte marks her opportunity, and she takes Alicia out with a big spear out of the corner.

But she’s not going out like that. Charlotte calls for the crowd, and she turns Alicia’s legs inside out with a superb Figure Eight.

Alicia taps, and it’s over.

Brie and Nikki pull Alicia out of the way as Becky heads in to celebrate with her team mate. As the segment comes to a close, we see a very clear sign of Charlotte’s intentions. She signals the title belt, and looks directly at Nikki.

So I guess we know who wants it next, huh?

Thoughts: That was a pretty good match. Alicia looked strong, and she hasn’t really had much to do in this whole Divas Revolution feud, so I’m glad she got to show off her mean streak well ahead of the elimination match at Summerslam this Sunday. Highlight of the match has to be the double kick to the face. What a spot, and perfectly executed too! Charlotte looked good in the closing moments, but as Jerry Lawler said previously, this match was largely all Alicia. She dominated most of the ten minutes.

Charlotte’s definitely being set up as a future Divas champion. She’s beaten both Nikki and Brie (if I’m not mistaken) and now Alicia too. Going into Summerslam, that’s got to be playing on not only Team Bella’s minds, but Charlotte’s too. She knows she has what it takes, and somewhere down the road I think she’ll do just that; take it.

What a time to be a Divas fan. Seriously.

See you all soon!

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