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WWE Main Event Redux (December 4th, 2015): Alicia and Sasha Play the Numbers Game

This week on WWE Main Event, the Team B.A.D./Team Bella feud continues, as “The Boss” Sasha Banks and Alicia Fox square off, with Naomi, Tamina and Brie Bella making their presence felt at ringside.

Will Team B.A.D.’s numbers advantage work in their favor yet again? Let’s watch:

The Divas start with a shoving match, Sasha taking refuge in the ropes. Alicia simply takes her by her boots and yanks her away, dropping her to the mat. She hits a dropkick and stays on Sasha when she slips out of the ring, grabbing her by the hair. A superkick from Tamina frees Sasha, giving her a moment to compose herself before reentering the ring and attempting a pin. Alicia kicks out.

Alicia tries to fight Sasha off, but Sasha maintains control, rubbing Alicia’s face on the mat and dropping her weight onto her back. Alicia crawls the ropes, where Sasha chokes her. She slams Alicia’s face into the mat twice before going for another pin, which Alicia kicks out of.

Sasha locks in a chinlock. Alicia slowly gets to her feet, tossing Sasha away. Alicia back into the corner and fends off Sasha’s attack with a back elbow. On Sasha’s second attack attempt, Alicia lifts herself up and takes her down with a sunset flip. Sasha rolls through a gets to her feet, only to be met with a series of dropkicks from Alicia.

Alicia plants Sasha with a tilt-a-whirl backbreaker and goes for the pin, but it’s no good. Naomi then hops up on the ring apron, drawing Alicia over to her. Alicia disposes of Naomi, but the distraction appears to cost her when Sasha sneaks up behind her. However, Alicia blocks Sasha’s rollup attempt, pulling her to her feet and planting her with the Foxy Buster. She then disposes of Tamina too, knocking her off the ring apron with a big boot.

When Alicia returns to Sasha and lifts her up, Sasha slips free and finds herself in perfect position for the Bank Statement! She hits the backstabber and locks in the submission, forcing Alicia to tap out.

Thoughts: This was an entertaining match, but I can’t help but find it criminally short. Main Event is usually a haven for longer Divas matches, but this was barely three minutes long. Why not let Sasha and Alicia go at it? Naomi and Alicia’s match from two weeks ago was a blast, and I can only imagine what Sasha and Alicia could have done with that much time. It’s hard to tell if they have great chemistry, though, since this match was riddled with interferences that prevented them from building up any kind of rhythm.

It was interesting to see Alicia work as a full babyface, though I will always prefer the heel “wild card” Alicia from summer 2014. I wonder what direction they’ll take Team Bella when Nikki returns; with Paige being a full heel and Charlotte taking on a tweener role, I wouldn’t be surprised if they were faces for the foreseeable future. While I love heel Bellas, I’d take solace in the fact that their alignment would be consistent, after over a year of flip flopping.

Speaking of Nikki: I’m guessing they’re building towards a three-on-three feud, since Nikki’s return shouldn’t be too far off. It makes sense that they’re playing with the fact that Alicia and Brie are outnumbered if they’re about the even the odds. Still, I don’t see why poor Natalya couldn’t fill in for the time being, since her feud with Team B.A.D. was so cruelly cut short.

I’m really interested in seeing where this feud goes, but I hope they mix things up a bit. There’s only so many times we can see Team B.A.D. interfere and nab a dirty win before we start questioning Alicia and Brie’s intelligence. Still, that wasn’t the biggest booking sin, because frankly, putting Sasha Banks in a three minute match should be considered a crime.

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