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WWE Main Event Redux (February 19th, 2014): Cameron Proves She Can Ride Solo

What’s up Diva fans and welcome to this week’s Main Event Redux. Everyone’s favorite road-raging, girl-byeing Total Diva Cameron is in action tonight, looking to get her first win in singles competition. Her opponent? A woman who has only had about 2 singles wins in her entire main roster career, Aksana. Will Cameron prove she can do it alone and avenge her tag team partner’s cracked eye socket or will Aksana whack Cameron to make a matching pair?


Already in the ring is Aksana, who has a smoking looking Alicia Fox with her at ringside. Out next, it’s the funkalicious Cameron, and before she makes it to the ring, we see a video package hyping her, featuring some hilarious clips from Total Divas. Back in the arena, Cameron gets onto the apron ready to show off those curves before BAM! Aksana knocks her off the apron before the match can even start!

Cameron drops her pom-poms like a bad habit and gets right back into the ring so the match can begin. The girls scrap before Aksana gets the better of her less experienced foe, throwing her down by the hair. Aksana stomps on her ghetto foe before kneeing her right in the eye, the same move that injured Naomi. Cameron yelps before rolling out to the ring, where she stays out for an 8 count. Aksana hilariously lays down on the job – don’t get too cocky just yet!

Cameron darts back into business, knocking stuffing into Aksana. The Lithuanian fights back though by tripping Aksana and delivering some elbow drops. Aksana chokes Cameron out on the ropes before choking the life out of her with a chinlock. Cameron tries to break free yet Aksana tosses her back to the floor. Aksana tries to hit another elbow drop yet Cameron avoids it, before avoiding a flying splash in the corner. It’s momentum shift time!

Cameron tries to gain ground by rolling Aksana up, and although she doesn’t get the win, Aksana is rocked! Cameron hits a Lou Thesz press before drop-toe-holding Aksana on the middle rope. Cameron moves to the outside and slaps Aksana harder than a shovel would before ducking a clothesline from ‘Lic. Cameron wallops Alicia before throwing Aksana into her! Foxsana is all tangled up and I love it! Cameron hits two clotheslines before nailing a dynamic wheelbarrow facebuster. She goes for Girl, Bye!, yet Aksana powers her into the corner instead. After hitting a backbreaker, Aksana signalls the end, yet decides to try and hit a suplex instead of going for the Divo Drop or the Eye of The Hurricane move she does that I like to call Six Feet Under. This strange suplex decision ultimately costs her as Cameron rolls Aksana into a small package for the win, her first in singles action!

Thoughts: Mark this down in history, I really enjoyed both Cameron, AND Aksana in this match! Although it was rough around the edges, the match was engaging, the story-telling was pretty good and Aksana’s comedic antics after she had sent Cameron to the outside were hilarious. Shame she should have taken Cameron a little more seriously. If anyone can pick up their first singles win, it’s against you Aksana!

The start of the match was very fresh, with Cameron being attacked before the bell. Although Cameron was on the outside attending to her eye a little too long for my liking, I did enjoy the story the girls told, as I mentioned earlier. Cameron brought the tenacious fight in tribute to her friend, as well as the flashy moves she always delivers on. Alicia’s involvement was hilarious too, with her basically flopping miserably and getting assaulted by Cameron. Poor Alicia, you will be utilized correctly one day!

And with that, stay tuned, Jack will be back!

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