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WWE Main Event Redux (February 28th, 2015): It’s Deja Vu as the Bellas Secure Another Win

Hey guys, thanks for joining. Apologies for the lateness of this Redux; unfortunately for us and you, we don’t decide when videos get posted to the internet and it’s not as if we can write up matches we can’t see, right? The lack of Main Event on the WWE Network means the show doesn’t pop up online until the end of the week, so… come back to the Network, show!

After the travesty of Monday Night Raw this past week, we were given a second look at the tag team match we were so cruelly robbed of. With a bit of luck , come next Monday night, #GiveDivasAChance will have made a difference and WWE won’t have to make up for the lack of Diva goodness on their flagship.

Nikki and Brie Bella are out first, showing off that Divas Championship with pride. They’re glowing after their win on Monday night, as well as Nikki’s win at Fastlane. It’s been a good week for the twins, and they’re looking to keep up the momentum. Paige and Emma make their way out, and Emma still insists on that silly dance that even she looks bored with by this point.

The bell rings, and Paige and Brie starts things off. Paige wants a go at Nikki, but Brie’s over that and asserts herself. Paige is dominant early on, citing once more that this is her house to some adoration from the crowd. Paige takes Brie on over to her corner and tags in Emma, who nails Brie with a great dropkick off the ropes. Losing in less than twenty seconds on Raw is probably still playing in the back of Emma’s mind, however, and Brie takes advantage. She turns the tables on Emma and brings her home to the Bella’s corner.

Brie tags in Nikki and sends Emma running into a shoulder block from Nikki. Emma’s laid out there and Nikki goes for the pin, letting us all know she’s still the Divas champion, baby. Emma kicks out after one, and Emma finds some fight. She battles out with a few right hands and a big flying clothesline. She only gets a one count on the champ, however. Nikki sends Emma to the corner but pays the price for her over-confidence when Emma latches on with the dilEMMA!

Brie trash talks their opponent on the ring apron, enough to see Emma almost take a shot at her, which leaves Nikki some time to recover and she drags Emma’s shoulder down onto the middle rope. Nikki then goes to work on Emma’s arm, before tagging in Brie to finish the job. The crowd and Paige try hard to get behind the dancing diva, but it doesn’t work as Brie continues her aggressive offence. Emma’s in a world of trouble as the Bellas tag out once more. Nikki with a drop kick to the back and a second pin attempt now. She drags Emma to her feet and delivers a slam, once more concentrating on Emma’s arms. Nikki taunts Paige, asking if she wants some, and Paige replies with a very curt ‘SHUT YOUR MOUTH, YOU STUPID COW’. Oh my.

Enraged, Nikki goes right back after Emma with yet another pin. She still can’t put Emma away, and Paige is getting antsy on the outside. Brie Bella tags in again, and Nikki and Brie take a second chance at their irish whip/clothesline combo. Emma sees it coming, though, and manages to reverse Nikki so that the Bellas collide with one another instead! Wonderful move by Emma, and the Bellas are down!

Paige is desperate for some action, and she gets her wish as Emma tags her in! Paige goes right after Brie with her clotheslines and a running drop kick, before serving up a little payback to Nikki and knocking her off the apron with a big right hand. Brie comes running back from the other side of the ring, but Paige is ready and a big kick to the face puts Brie on the mat. Paige tries hard to lock in the PTO, but Brie manages to fight out of it and sends Paige careering to her own corner. A still weary Emma makes the blind tag, perhaps a little to eager, and hits a crossbody on Brie. Nikki breaks up the pin and Paige has something to say about it; she kicks Nikki hard in the ribs, but Nikki throws her between the ropes. Paige comes back quickly and drags Nikki out by her feet, once more screaming that THIS IS HER HOUSE.

Meanwhile, in the ring, Emma is still suffering from all the punishment she took in the ring and Brie manages to catch her in the Bella Buster. It’s 1, 2, 3 and lights out for Emma. Brie gives her opponent a kiss on the forehead and raises her hands in victory, as Nikki comes in to join her and Paige remains, disappointed, on the outside.

Thoughts: This is exactly the match we should have had on Raw. Regardless of the show, this match was great. Although Paige didn’t get much to do, it did show her off as the frustrated baby face chasing the title very well. Emma took one hell of a beating but still kept coming back, and I have to commend her for that. She grates on me sometimes but deep down I do enjoy her, especially when she can just go free in the ring and show off how well she gets the art of wrestling. Not just the physical stuff, but the psychological too.

As for the Bellas, well they’re always good. They’ve come such a long way since their debut and they are firing on all cylinders right now. But I do have one question about them: Why is Brie the dominant one in their recent tag matches? I’m not saying it’s a bad thing, because it’s actually really interesting. I’m still waiting for the rest of their feud to develop, and I wonder if maybe this is a subtle hint of things to come? Nikki is arguably the more physical of the two. She’s much more muscular and favours a more slam-happy approach to things, and I wonder if maybe this will come in to play, in that Brie will get fed up of having to ‘do it all herself.’ It’s an interesting set up if they ever do want to rekindle their feud. Here’s hoping! Bella vs. Bella at Wrestlemania, please and thank you.

Either way, I really enjoyed this match and wait with bated breath for next week’s Raw! #GiveDivasAChance


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