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WWE Main Event Redux (June 19th, 2015): This Isn’t Summertime

Hey guys!

It’s been a bit of a whirlwind week in the Divas division, what with Paige asking the Divas to stand with her against the reign of the Bella twins. Things didn’t exactly go her way on Smackdown, which you can read all about right here. SPOILER ALERT: Paige had a bad day.

Tonight’s Redux sees us focusing on two other divas, as Summer Rae takes on Naomi. I’m not too sure what happened with regards to Naomi’s push, and I have to say I’m very unhappy with the fact that Paige has replaced her in the title hunt. I understand why it’s happened; Paige is a face, someone the crowd can get behind, and they need that in order for them to have someone to take on the heel Bellas. Naomi’s only recently turned heel, so it would be a bit quick for her to suddenly turn face once again. I understand it. Doesn’t mean I have to like it.

Both ladies are in the ring already, and the referee calls for the bell. Tamina looks on as the ladies lock up. Naomi takes early command and takes Summer down with a big shoulder. She brags a little too long, and Summer comes back with a drop kick. She drives Naomi into the turnbuckle and things look to be going her way until Naomi turns things around with a very impressive two feet to the chest. Summer springs backwards, likely winded, and Naomi goes for the pin. She gets a two.

Naomi has summer in the middle of the ring now, punishing her with knees to the back. She tosses Summer into the corner, then chokes her out on the ropes. Naomi receives a warning off the referee for her efforts, but it’s not like she cares, so…

Naomi declares that she’s not done, planting Summer square in the middle of the ring. Naomi with another pin attempt, but another two count. She wraps Summer up in a tight headlock. Summer manages to get to her feet, and she takes control briefly with a kick to the chest and a roll-up. Naomi kicks out and takes Summer down again, this time with a spinning shoulder block. Naomi is very impressive. If you think otherwise, you’re wrong.

Naomi continues the assault with a vicious neck breaker. Another cover and no win. JBL reminds us that he sees the female version of the APA in Naomi and Tamina. That’s pretty cool. Naomi has Summer all wrapped up once again the centre of the ring, and Summer is struggling to reclaim any ground. Naomi with a big running bulldog into the turnbuckle! Ouch! She hands on the ropes and proclaims that she’s amazing!

Naomi goes for a second running bulldog, but Summer counters and sends her flying. Summer’s discovered some new energy somewhere deep down, and she uses it to roll Naomi down onto the mat. Summer goes AFTER HER! She takes her down with repeated clotheslines, then her big spinning heel kick. Naomi kicks out of the pin, and Summer’s looking desperate.

They trade some roll ups, after Summer blocks Naomi’s attempt at the rear view. The ladies disentangle themselves, but it all comes a little later for Summer Rae, as Naomi grabs her by the leg and arm and locks in the Slaymission.

Summer is forced to tap!

Naomi celebrates her win with her partner in crime, Tamina.

Thoughts: Not a bad little match, though I would have liked to see them go a little longer. They both seemed on their games tonight and the chemistry was there; it would have been nice to see Summer push Naomi to her limit a little more, but I’m guessing that WWE wanted Naomi looking very strong this week. It’s good that they’re keeping relevant as a vicious heel – and I honestly think she works better as a baddie – because if Paige is going to be the one to dethrone the Bellas (who I could foresee leaving sometime in the next year) then we’re going to need an immediate, viable threat to the oncoming, inevitable Age of Paige. Yeah, I just coined that.

Until next time, ciao!

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