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WWE Main Event Redux (May 20th, 2014): Eye for an Eye

What’s up Diva fans and welcome to this week’s Main Event Redux. It’s time for me to do my best Bad News Barrett impression as…


This week’s match, featuring Naomi vs Aksana, was in my opinion, bad. Not really, really horrendous, but bad. Last time they had a match, Naomi got legit hurt and the injury was really brutal. So of course, lightning won’t strike twice, right? Lightning didn’t strike twice (the suspense I tried building didn’t last long) yet there was definitely a serious rumbling of thunder. Did Naomi get retribution for her injured eye or did Aksana and her knee prove more dangerous than ever?


Aksana is out first and half of her entrance has been cut off. Damn, I didn’t get to see her throw the imaginary thing on the floor and stamp on it – gutted! #Sarcasm

One entrance I do quite like though (mostly because the music is at least tolerable) is the Funkadactyls’ entrance. Naomi and Cameron strut their stuff we see a recap of Naomi’s nasty injury from last Sunday’s Total Divas. It hurts just looking at it!

The match starts with Aksana taunting Naomi by slapping her knee, rubbing proverbial salt into the now healed wound. Naomi responds with forearms right to Aksana’s eye area. You rupture those corneas, Naomi! Just kidding, I genuinely wouldn’t wish that on anyone else; Naomi went through some serious hell! After some kicks, Naomi goes for a sunset flip and Aksana goes for the knee again – rather you than me Naomi. There’s no way I’d be repeating that spot!

The knee misses and Naomi hits a flip clothesline. Naomi then hits a Floatover DDT style move before using that big booty to her advantage. Naomi introduces Aksana’s face to her rear end, complete with wiggling action, Aksana gets angry, reverses one of Naomi’s moves and sends her skull first into the mat. She beats on Naomi before locking in a short submission, which Naomi breaks out of quite quickly as she ain’t have no time for Aksana! Breaking free, she whacks Aksana with an enziguri, which is probably giving Aksana flashbacks of the shovel-bashing days.

Following some dropkicks, things start to go wrong, BIG STYLE. Naomi goes for the flying hurricanrana, yet once again, Aksana can’t take it and it looks an absolute shambles. Naomi looks p-o’d yet recovers nicely by hitting the move of the match, her spike facebuster through the second rope. That should honestly be Naomi’s finisher and after seeing something that happens later on, I wish the match had ended here!

Aksana fights back (impressively if wrestling wasn’t scripted) as she practically just shrugs that sick move off and hits a gutwrench suplex. After a near fall, Naomi reverses a back suplex attempt and hits a full nelson seat drop for two. The back and forth nature continues as Aksana regains momentum, only to waste it by hitting the worst Divo Drop I have ever seen. Incredibly sloppy, it was laughable! Of course, Naomi kicked out and then hits the Rear View for the win.

Thoughts: After watching the match a second time, it wasn’t as bad I initially thought. Up until the disastrous hurricanrana botch, the match was mostly uneventful yet it was solid. Nothing was bad about it. Then the botch happened. I know people will complain when I say this yet it was Aksana’s fault. She can NEVER take the move right. No-one else seems to have an issue.

Following that, I actually quite liked the back and forth nature of the match towards the end, with both girls hitting moves that weren’t quite their trump cards, yet they were impactful moves that looked nice. Then the second botch happened.

What on earth was that Divo Drop? If it can even be referred to as a move. When Aksana picked Naomi up, it wasn’t like Naomi jumped on too strong and Aksana stumbled and lost grip or anything. She literally just threw Naomi down like she couldn’t be bothered. Possibly the sloppiest I have ever seen her.

Sadly, clearly these girls don’t have enough chemistry. One time it resulted in a serious injury, another time it ended in an ok match ruined by botches. I honestly think these two should have a another singles match again. One way or another, it just doesn’t work and I fear for Naomi’s life everytime this match is booked.

Controversial yet I say what I think. No point in lying to please anyone. Aksana brings the charisma yet as this match showed, she has majorly regressed since her FCW days, which is a real shame. Still, things could be worse, I could have had to recap Jenna Morasca vs Eva Marie with Claire Lynch as the special guest referee. Now that would be a sight for sore (and most likely injured) eyes!

And with that, stay tuned, Jack will be back!

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