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WWE Main Event Redux (November 18th, 2014): Foxy Sneaks Out a Win & Natalya Squares off With the Bunny

What’s up, guys? (Getting my PointlessBlog on there!).

Heeeey everybody. Sorry this is sort of late going up – it’s been a hell of a day! So last night, former BFF crazies Paige and Alicia Fox squared off. For some reason, this match wasn’t on Raw and I think that’s a crime. But hey ho, at least this way I’m the one that gets to review it! (Haha, Jack!)

Paige is out first, sauntering her way to the ring in some killer fish nets. The commentators announce and eight diva traditional Survivor Series match for Sunday, which essentially seems to be Team Paige vs. Team Alicia. I’m going to think of it that way, alright? I love Survivor Series – it’s my favourite gimmick Pay-Per-View, right up there with the Rumble.

Alicia heads out to meet her former friend, and she looks FABULOUS. We’re shown a replay of their last encounter, which Paige won after hitting the RamPaige. The referee calls for the bell and we’re under way!

Things get scrappy, briefly, before Alicia gets the upper hand and locks Paige up. The former Divas champ quickly manoeuvres out of it and tries to outwit the Fox, but Alicia’s got other ideas and nails a shoulder block and a couple of drop kicks. She follows up with a picture perfect back breaker, right into the pin, and gets a count of two.

A nice exchange of wits follows, leaving Paige in control after a big kick to the jaw that lays Alicia out. Paige goes for the pin but left it a little too long, allowing Alicia to compose herself and kick out at two. Paige with the a headbutt now, before she sends Alicia into the corner and taunts her there.

Pulling her back out, Paige locks in her legs around Alicia’s waist. She wants to make her ex BFF tap – there’s a certain degree of psychology that comes with a submission victory. It’ll plant far more doubt in someone than a regular three count!

Paige is still in control now, and after a second unsuccessful pin attempt she hangs Alicia up on the middle rope and delivers those oh-so dangerous knees. Paige gets VERY UN-PG, up close and personal, but Alicia rolls through and steals the win!

Paige cannot believe it! Gotta be honest, didn’t see that coming.

But that’s not the only Diva action this week. Natalya had a sort-of-match, teaming with her husband Tyson Kidd to take on Adam Rose and The Bunny:

Natalya never gets physically involved with the match, which must be because the Bunny is male and falls under the WWE’s “no intergender wrestling” rule.. I kid.

Tyson makes the Bunny tap out to the Sharpshooter while Adam Rose watches. Natalya and the Rosebuds seem to be the only ones with hearts, as she tries to check on the bunny before Tyson pulls her away. Just one more wrench in their faltering relationship…

Thoughts: Alicia/Paige was a quick little match which did what was needed. It left Alicia looking stronger going into the match at Survivor Series, what with Paige winning the last round. I was pleased with the finish – I didn’t expect it right then, and thought it was a great little reversal.

Not a bad showing this week at all. I’m glad these two aren’t afraid to get too physical with each other, and I’m looking forward to Survivor Series!

Until next time guys, ciao! x

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