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WWE Main Event Redux (November 24th, 2016) Alexa shades Naomi’s Glow

On this week’s Thanksgiving themed episode of WWE Main Event two of Smackdown Live’s most athletic competitors tie up in an exhibition match. Number one contender, Alexa Bliss squared off against fan favorite, Naomi.

The match began with a shoving contest between the two ladies that ended with Alexa earning quite the check from the more physically empowering Naomi. Quickly realizing that she was not going to win a battle of the brawn with Naomi, Alexa switched gears to a game of hide-and-seek, using the referee as a shield. Naomi gained the offense early using a mix of mat based offense as well as her unique showman moves.

Alexa seemingly attempts to abandon the match, but instead uses the pause in action to lure Naomi to the apron for a leg sweep. Bliss seizes this opportunity to use the ring to her advantage, using the ropes to inflict damage. The momentum in the match passes back and forth with Naomi hitting flashy signatures like her turnbuckle bulldog and flipping lariat while Alexa utilized some heelish hair pulling and her signature, Insult to Injury.

The match ends with Alexa capitalizing on Naomi missing a second tunbuckle bulldog and hitting the ddt. A Twisted Bliss later secures the victory for the small but fierce Alexa.

Thoughts: Though I enjoy both of these women, this match seemed a bit sluggish at times.  The positives are that Naomi did look strong against her opponent, which I found important as this match could have been used to help elevate Naomi’s status in the title hunt. Initially I was worried that they were making Alexa seem a bit too weak in this match, but by the end the duo was able to put across the idea that Alexa adapted her attacks to suit her opponent. It was nice to see Naomi work some mat based technique, but the match could have used more crowd involving segments. Overall it was an okay match that highlighted each wrestler’s signature moves.

What are your thoughts on the match? Would you like to see more from this feud? Sound off in the comments below.

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