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WWE Main Event Redux (November 25th, 2014): Natalya’s Not Thankful for Pie

What’s up, Main Eventers? Last night saw Natalya take on Layla following an unfortunate incident with some Thanskgiving pie. Check it out!

In what felt like a very Laycool!like segment, Layla and gal pal Summer Rae interrupted Natalya and her husband Tyson Kidd as they discussed their cats, and Natalya said that above all she was thankful for her husband. Layla and Summer Rae chose this moment to make their entrance and a war of words ensued. Natalya scolded Tyson for not coming to her defense, and turned back around right in time to get a pie to the face.

That was so rude. And uncalled for. I hope Nattie kicks both of their asses.

Layla is out first with Summer in tow, and given how pixelated my video is I have to be honest – if I wasn’t paying attention I would think it was Michelle. Except Summer doesn’t quite have the same swagger that Michelle had. Moving on, Natalya is out next with Tyson and she’s still wiping the pie off her face.

The bell rings and Layla runs away from a seething Nattie, but it’s NBD. Nattie goes after Summer instead and throws her down. Take that, ya witch! Nattie heads back into the ring and takes Layla down before she has a chance to attack. The ladies roll around the ring, trading blows, until Layla reaches the ropes and nails Nattie with a kick to the face. Layla goes for an early pin attempt but Nattie kicks out.

Layla has Nattie on the ropes now and tries to choke her out, but Nattie is resilient. Unfortunately for her, Layla’s pretty resourceful herself and has Nattie locked up tight. The crowd gets on TJ’s case at this point, chanting ‘Nattie’s husband’ at him. He responds by slapping his headphones on to block out the negativity. I think sassy Tyson is my favourite Tyson.

Meanwhile, Natalya is trying to turn things around and rolls Layla up for a count of two. Layla’s not down for long, however, and has Natalya on the ropes again; with the ref’s back turned, dealing with Layla, Summer Rae slaps Nattie hard in the face. Layla ties Natalya up again, hanging off the ropes, but Natalya uses what her mother gave her and bonks Layla off the apron with her booty.

Natalya gains the upper hand when Layla makes her way back into the ring. She hits a great dropkick before going for a pin. Layla’s not out for the count yet, however. Layla makes for the crossbody but misses by a mile and Natalya turns things around.

She locks in the sharpshooter, and Layla taps!

Tyson interrupts Nattie as she celebrates on the turnbuckle and, I have to say, I love it. Tyson gets MVP of the match.

Thoughts: Not bad. I loved Natalya’s aggression after the pie incident and that she went after not only Layla, but Summer Rae too. We know they’ve got quite the issues between them from Total Divas, though how much of that is actually true remains to be seen. This was a nice change from the matches we’ve been getting lately – not that any of those have been bad. It’s nice to see some veterans mixing it up a little here and there!

Until next time, ciao and Happy Thanksgiving! x

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