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WWE Main Event Redux (October 28th, 2014): Kicks and Traps Beat Cats and Facts

Hey guys, and welcome to the Main Event write up. Last night, Paige took on Natalya in what I’m sure was a corker of a match, so I’m not going to dilly dally around. Let’s get straight on with it.

Paige is out first and saunters to the ring as we cut to break. We’re treated to a nice preview of Kane’s upcoming movie, See No Evil 2. In other news, he’s still not relevant. It’s also announced that there’ll be a Divas costume contest on this week’s Smackdown, which falls on Halloween. Should be a corker. A recap from Raw plays next, showing how Paige cost her ex-BFF Alicia Fox a match against Divas Champ, AJ.

Natalya is out next, with her hubby Tyson Kidd in tow. Natalya should always wear shorts, btdubz, and Tyson should not wear a hood indoors because he looks like a dick. But I guess that’s the point. He heads over to commentary as Natalya and Paige lock up.

The ladies have a little leg-lock off, after which Paige slaps her own butt as a sign of disrespect to the veteran opposite her. How rude. Natalya’s not having it and she takes Paige down. Meanwhile, on commentary, Tyson is saying perhaps my favourite quote of the week (and it’s only Wednesday!):

“A career-threatening injury which MY CATS helped me recover from.”

Four for you, Tyson Kidd, you go Tyson Kidd.

Back in the ring, Natalya is in control. She goes for a quick roll up but Paige kicks out. Nattie keeps her hold on the former Divas champ, but Paige scrambles to the ropes despite this and orders Natalya to let her go. Natalya does as the referee asks and lets her opponent go, giving Paige a chance to counter with a big forearm.

Paige works Natalya over in the corner, screaming in the referee’s face. She mocks Nattie, who replies with a big slap to the face and a suplex. Natalya now with a great baseball slide that sends Paige crawling up the ramp. But Natalya’s in hot pursuit and grabs her, shoving her back in the ring.

Paige craftily slides out again and when Natalya follows her around the ring post, Paige nails a HUGE kick to the chin. Paige slides back in ring as Natalya is lying on the ground. While Tyson is busy mouthing off on commentary, Paige is gaining the upper hand. Natalya seems pretty out of it.

Paige dominates Natalya, hanging her up on the ropes in front of her (rather dickish) husband. The crowd tries to get behind Natalya as Paige locks her up, and it works as Natalya manages to reverse Paige’s hold into one of her own. But it’s not for long as Paige comes back once again.

Next up, Paige licks the side of Natalya’s face. Dude she’s not a lollipop.

And it kinda pisses Natalya off. She beats on Paige, and the crowd enjoys it, but Paige comes back once again with a reversed crossbody. Great stuff. Paige comes off the ropes and Natalya regroups in time to take her down with a big clothesline. She follows up with a big German suplex, and then she goes for the Sharpshooter. Paige manages to escape. Paige pulls the Paige Turner out of nowhere, but Natalya kicks out!

That was unexpected. Paige is getting pretty damn angry now, and she seems to be setting up for a Sharpshooter of her own! Natalya counters and almost locks it in herself, but Paige kicks her off.

Paige rolls Natalya up and has what looks to be a handful of tights. Paige gets the win, and Tyson remarks that he’s embarrassed by the loss. He ruffles his wife’s hair in what I’m sure he thinks is a comforting way. It’s not.

Thoughts: I liked this match. It wasn’t particularly fast paced but it worked well given their styles right now. Natalya has always been technical and that’s where she’s best, and Paige is playing the aggressive heel exceptionally well. I would love to see these two clash more. The sheer amount of shared talent there could make for some classic matches.

Tyson was great on commentary and I’m curious as to where this whole angle with him and Nattie is going; will she turn heel with him? Will they break up? Who knows!

Until next time, ciao! x

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