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WWE Main Event Redux (September 16th, 2014): Brie Makes the Girl Go Bye

Hey Diva fans, what’s up? We’re ringing in a new age with the Main Event and Superstars Reduxes. Yours truly has moved on from Impact, and while it was a great year and I will miss writing about the Knockouts (some more than most) I’m super excited to be moving on to the Divas. So, without further ado, let’s kick this Redux off!

Out first is Brie Bella. It’s been a crazy, emotional few months for her thus far, between going toe to toe with the boss and her sister’s betrayal, but our favourite mother Earth still has a smile on her face and she looks gorge. As she hits the ring, we cut to an earlier interview of Nikki.

Renee Young quizzes Nikki about how she attacked Brie on Monday Night Raw unprovoked, and Nikki admits she doesn’t know where to begin. She talks about how Brie has walked all over her all their lives, stolen her boyfriends and turned their family against her. Nikki says it all changes Sunday when she will win the Divas title, and the rest of them will be kissing her “voluptuous derrière”.

I LOVE HER. Since watching Total Divas and her going heel in this feud, I can’t enough of Nikki Bella. Plus she looks fantastic.

But back to the match, before I start scrapbooking a #fitspiration book.

Brie’s opponent is none other than Cameron, which I keep spelling as Camerona. Cameron has her own drama going on as we saw on Total Divas this past Sunday. They’re covering the Funkadactyls split right now, and while it’s been a few months since for us, it’s nice that they tied Total Divas into Raw, with Cameron taking on Naomi. Can I just say as well that I’m a big fan of the fact that Cameron’s dyed her hair darker? All that blonde was just a big no.

The referee rings the bell but Cameron is still busy admiring her own beauty in the mirror she brought with her. Brie is already 100% done with that. Quickly enough, Cameron has tossed the mirror to the outside (hope it didn’t break, girl!) and she and Brie lock up forcefully on the ropes. Brie throws Cameron around like a rag doll and the former Funk is having none of it. She steps between the rope to get a breather as the ref holds Brie back.

Cameron gets back in the ring and Brie immediately gets the upper hand, working over Cameron’s arm. Cameron fights back with a big right hand to Brie’s jaw, and it stuns the Bella twin for a moment. But Brie comes back, dropping Cameron right on her face and then following up with a half crab leg hold. Someone’s been taking some tips from their husband. Speaking of, is he ever coming back?

Cameron manages to crawl to the ropes and the ref forces Brie to break the hold. We skip suddenly and Brie is flat on her back, with Cameron going for the pin. She gets a two count before Brie kicks out. Cameron has Brie on the middle rope and chokes her, then tries again for the win. Brie fights out of it after a count just shy of two.

Cameron has Brie in a chin lock now as the crowd starts with “Let’s Go Brie” chants. It spurs the former Divas champion on and she tries to break the hold, but Cameron knocks her back down and tries yet again to pin her. This time she gets a count of one. ‘YES’ chants break out now but Brie struggles to gain momentum. Cameron nails a suplex to keep her opponent down.

Brie’s had enough though, and she drives Cameron into the turnbuckle thrice before laying her out with a clothesline and some drop kicks. Brie then scales the top rope and declares that it’s Brie Mode time (which, really, means it’s time to get assbackwards drunk). Brie hits a huge missile drop kick a la Daniel Bryan, but it only gets her a two count.

Cameron tries to fight back and hit her finisher, but Brie is one step ahead and drops Cameron with a Bella Buster for the one, two, three count. Brie Bella is your winner! She celebrates as Cameron later retreats up the ramp, looking less than impressed.

Thoughts: I like Cameron’s gimmick, but I feel like it needs more development. She’s the mean girl, and she’s really catty but I think she’d benefit from some mic time and from being generally more aggressive. I know she’s still quite green (though she’s come on leaps and bounds!) and she couldn’t lead a match just yet, but I believe that given the time she could be miles better in future. She’s so much better as a heel, and I never want her to go face again.

I don’t know if I’ll ever be on board with Brie’s new music. I know it’s grown on other Diva Dirt writers (looking at you, Jack) but I feel like this is one hurdle I won’t even attempt to cross. Who’d have thought I’d actually end up liking ‘You can look but you can’t touch’? I mean, it is my Queen Nikki Bella’s theme now, so that’s probably why.

Back to Brie: I absolutely loved everything she was doing during her run with Stephanie; I was on the edge of my seat watching every week (even when she wasn’t there) and I expected her to come out of that feud really hot. Unfortunately I feel like the writing for the Bella twins hasn’t been as strong. Jerry Springer? Nah, and don’t even get me started on JJ. The DD family knows how I feel about that… It sucks because the Bellas are both seasoned now and they could pull off some serious business, and I really hope the feud picks up more steam. I’m very much looking forward to the day that they clash one on one, and I wouldn’t be surprised if Brie cost Nikki her match on Sunday.

Cameron is still improving and she’d probably do better against someone like Natalya, who can make everyone look good, but she and Brie pulled off a decent enough match.

Hope you enjoyed my new gig, guys! Until next time, ciao! x

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