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WWE Main Event & Superstars Redux (May 22nd, 2015): Alicia Goes Two for Two

What’s up guys? I’ve a special kind of Redux coming your way this week. With identical matches taking place on this week’s Main Event and Superstars, seeing Alicia Fox taking on Summer Rae, it’s going to be more of a compare and contrast situation. Don’t worry, this isn’t English class. We’ll kick things off with Main Event!

Summer awaits Alicia in the ring as Foxy’s, ahem, hypnotic music blasts through my headphones. Summer is introdueced to us as one of the stars of the Marine 4. Look, I’ve seen it. It’s great that she’s being promoted this way, really. But she’s a glorified extra at best, unfortunately. There is a nice little fight scene between her and the Miz (SPOILER ALERT) but otherwise, she’s just kind of… there. Moving on!

The ladies lock up and trade off holds, before Summer takes early control. She lands several kicks to the back of Alicia’s necks, reaching an impressive height, I must say. Alicia turns the tables on Summer, surprising her with a big shoulder block as she comes off the ropes. Alicia now in control, with Summer’s arm locked behind her own back as she scrambles for the ropes. This time it’s Summer who comes off the ropes with an explosive take down of her opponent. With Alicia on the mat, Summer goes right to work.

Summer is in complete control, and even goes for a pin attempt. Alicia kicks out at a count of two, but Summer wastes no time in going back on the offensive and keeping Alicia on the mat. A clever tactic when your opponent is as athletically gifted as our favourite Fox.

Alicia briefly gets to her feet and tries to fight back, but Summer foils her yet again and sends her into the turnbuckle face first. Despite her obvious height advantage, Alicia can’t seem to get a look in during this match! Summer allows her a moment as she comes away from the corner, but rolls Alicia down into a DDT and looks to be ready to finish this. Alicia powers out.

Summer now with the leg drop, hoping to put former Divas champion Alicia away. But it’s not quite enough just yet. Summer continues her attack, but Alicia is showing signs of life still. She catches Summer by surprise and rolls her up for a two count! Summer manages to keep her cool and let it go, nailing Alicia with a big clothesline out of the corner. Alicia isn’t deterred, however; she fights back harder.

Two dropkicks and a big hair toss later, she has Summer failing to stay in control. Alicia with her favourite Northern Lights suplex now, but Summer isn’t near done. She looks to put Alicia away once more, coming off a spinning heel kick. But she’s unable to get Alicia’s shoulders to connect to the mat, and it gives Alicia time to recover. She slaps Summer across the face, hard, and then knocks her out with a big, huge boot. One, two and three!

Alicia takes round one.

And now for round two…

Summer is out first, looking precious in pink! I’ve always enjoyed Summer’s attire, I have to be honest. I think it’s unique in its own way and I enjoy it. Alicia’s out next, lovely in orange, and we’re underway.

Contrary to Main Event, Alicia takes control right off the bat here. It’s not long before both ladies spring back to their feet, however, and they even offer one another a show of sportsmanship. Summer extends her hand, which Alicia promptly shakes. Only to be met with a corker of a slap that I’m sure Summer felt she owed her opponent. Shades of their Main Event match here. Continuity, I do love thee. Summer hastily throws Alicia out of the ring.

Summer follows her out, kicking at her in a very aggressive manner. If I didn’t know any better I’d say she was a bit upset about her loss on Main Event. Summer? One to lash out? Nooooo!

Oh, wait. Yup.

She gives Alicia what for – a good, physical telling off. A friendly match, this is not.

Summer takes things back in the ring and locks Alicia up. Once again, as she did on Main Event, Summer is determined to keep Alicia grounded. Allowing her opponent to gather momentum would be the nail in the coffin of this match, and not in Summer’s favour at all. Alicia is best when things are quick and fiery. Stuck on the mat, despite her height and wingspan, there’s not too many trick she can pull out without wearing herself down.

The crowd tries to get behind Alicia (I’m not sure who the face is in this situation but I’m going to guess it’s her) and she manages to get to her feet quite quickly. Summer quickly puts her back on the mat and goes for the pin. Not this time.

Summer is just dominating right now, trapping Alicia in the corner and choking her out. She then slams Alicia’s back into the canvas. Summer really is taking no prisoners right now. She hits the leg drop here, trying to put Alicia away, but to no avail. As we saw on Main Event, it’s going to take a little more than that, if anything, for Summer to beat Alicia this week.

Alicia is fighting hard to get back to her feet, and she suddenly bursts with life. She nails Summer with two lovely drop kicks and a hair toss, as seen on Main Event. Alicia has that look in her eye; she looks ready to blow. She lands a huge boot to the face as Summer lies hopeless in the corner. Alicia then carelessly tosses Summer across the ring like yesterday’s trash!

A second running boot to the face now, and coupled with the Northern Lights suplex it’s still not enough to put Summer away just yet. Both these girls have a lot of fight in them.

Alicia sets up for the scissor kick, but Summer dodges. Summer attempts a pin off the ropes, but Alicia holds on and doesn’t get dragged in. After a vicious hair pull, Summer has Alicia on the mat again and attempts another pin. Alicia kicks out at two.

Summer is seething now; she’s had enough! She looks ready to end Alicia for good, when out of nowhere Alicia sets up and lands the scissor kick! It’s light out for Summer, and after one, two, three, it’s all over.

Alicia takes round two.

Thoughts: Alright, I know I said it would be a compare and contrast thing, but there isn’t much to contrast, is there? Summer played the relentless heel in both matches, which was certainly interesting given that Alicia is a much more imposing figure than her. She has the height and the strength, and the athelticism too. That’s not to say it should be a walk in the park for her. Clearly, it wasn’t. It was nice to see Summer take on the role of the HBIC, however, because she has always played best as a heel. She’s naturally colder.

Both matches followed the same plot, more or less; Alicia got in some good jabs in both to begin with, but ultimately Summer was a much more domineering force up until the last minute and the Paige effect came into play. Like our favourite seems to do often, now, Alicia was beaten down and then miraculously managed to take out her much fresher opponent with four or five moves.

Personally, I prefer more evenly balanced matches that go a little longer. But maybe that’s just me!

It’ll be interesting to see whether or not this small feud goes anywhere. The Divas title picture is pretty stacked right now, and with Paige returning and inserting herself into the mix, it’s hard to say who – aside from she and Naomi – will have a chance at the title any time soon. In that case, I’m all on board for ‘minor’ feuds (and I use that term loosely, okay?) on Main Event and Superstars. Anything that gives the Divas time, within reason, is good for me.

Right before I sign off though… what is up with Lana and Ziggler? Me likey!

Until next time! x

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