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WWE Night of Champions Results: Kelly Kelly Upsets Beth Phoenix in Her Hometown

While the Glamazon Beth Phoenix had the momentum in her hometown, Divas Champion Kelly Kelly once again pulled off an upset victory to retain her championship.

After enduring a vast amount of punishment from the Diva of Doom, including a sick looking superplex, Kelly managed to overcome the odds and left Beth Phoenix devastated in her hometown of Buffalo, New York.

Kelly came into the match at a distinct disadvantage with the fans cheering on their hometown Diva and even chanting “Kelly sucks!”, however the champion remained undeterred by rolling through a powerbomb attempt by Phoenix to take the victory for the second match in a row.

Thoughts: I really expected Beth to take the victory here, but I kind of like the strong build they’re giving Kelly. It gives the championship credibility to make your champion look strong and pick up numerous victories in title matches. As for what’s next? Perhaps Natalya could be next in line for a title opportunity.

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