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WWE Nixes Divas Segment from Tonight’s SmackDown

It looks as though WWE has cut a Divas segment that was due to be broadcast on tonight’s episode of SmackDown. The pre-taped segment was aired to the crowd at Tuesday’s taping. Here’s a live report of what went down:

Backstage, Kelly and Tiffany are cutting a promo when LayCool interrupt. They take credit for ridding WWE of Piggy James and the Glamazon. They say Kelly Kelly and Tiffany are next. (Source: PWInsider)

It’s obviously up for speculation why the segment was cut, though the likely reason is due to time constraints. I did think it surprising that WWE allowed released Diva, Mickie James to be mentioned on the show as they usually tend to forget released talents ever existed after they’ve been let go. Perhaps that has something to do with it? Or perhaps it’ll just be uploaded as a exclusive video.

Earlier this year, WWE also cut an entire match from the SmackDown broadcast. The match featured Maria Kanellis and Natalya.

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