Friday, July 1, 2022

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WWE Scraps Major Divas Angle?

Several readers emailed and tweeted to let us know that this week’s Divas match, which included a pretty game-changing angle, was scrapped from the Australian broadcast of SmackDown where it aired early this morning.

The episode will air tonight in the US on Syfy, however, usually, the Australian broadcast features all of the same content as the US version, which could lead one to speculate on whether the entire angle has been scrapped.

In the segment, as speculated recently, Kaitlyn was due to turn heel and align herself with Beth Phoenix and Natalya.

The segment was filmed this past Tuesday in Jacksonville, FL. Fan footage from the taping was posted to YouTube this week, giving us a glimpse of what was due to happen.

Watch that clip below:

Thoughts: As we all know, storylines change all the time in WWE. It could be a case of WWE scrapping the angle because they’ve decided not to go down the storyline route of Kaitlyn joining the Divas of Doom. On the other hand, it could be that they’re simply delaying the angle for another time. We’ll see how things work out…

[update]EDIT: The segment did not air in the US or UK broadcast of SmackDown either.[/update]

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