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WWE Superstars: Another Bella Switch… But This One Didn’t Suck!


Following Raw and SmackDown, the ECW Divas got their WWE Superstars debut last night. It would be Brie Bella taking on Katie Lea, in a rematch to the Nikki-Katie match on ECW last week. The Bellas have impressed me more and more since moving to ECW, so could they make it three weeks in a row? Find out below:

Once again, Katie Lea got duped and once again the Bellas switched places. But what made this week so different? They finally found a unique, creative way to do it! The match was pretty much the standard Bella match, though I must say it somewhat missed the mark in comparison to Nikki’s match with Katie Lea last week. But the end salvaged what was an ‘average’ match at best, with both Bellas laying on the floor outside and tricking the referee into letting Nikki finish the match.

As I said, this was a typical Bella match for me so I won’t get into too much detail. You’ll see the usual monkey flips, flying snapmares and dropkicks. This match wasn’t as exciting as the match last week, with Nikki’s fantastic armdrag and Katie’s aggressiveness. Unlike last week, we didn’t see a vicious Katie Lea throwing Brie to the outside and jumping off the apron, it was more ‘safe’ and as a result, a ho-hum match.

But the creative solution to the switch, which has begun to wear on just about everyone in the past year, was a welcome change. I hope they continue to find creative ways to have them do the switch in coming weeks.

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