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WWE Superstars Redux (August 12, 2010): Predator and Prey

This week on Superstars, we get a rematch (of sorts) as one half of the so-called Blondetourage Kelly Kelly faces off against one half of Lay-Cool, Michelle McCool. Kelly has one win over Michelle on the books. Can lightning strike twice? Watch below…

Out first are the self-proclaimed co-Women’s Champions, Layla and Michelle – and this time they have Kaval with them! He looks thrilled to be carrying both halves of the Women’s belt as well as their new Flawless hoodies. (Note to WWE Shop: When are you people going to start producing Flawless hoodies? I know I’m not the only one who wants one!) Michelle’s opted to go with her sea green ring attire and her hair looks lovely as well. Layla’s looking beautiful in a black one-strap dress that has a bit of color at the top. And Kaval looks tough and oh-so-teddy bear cute in his green ring gear. “Holla!” That breathy sound signals the entrance of Kelly Kelly who’s decked out in a very cute pink attire that has shorts and a bikini top, but the top looks a bit more functional. Small changes like this don’t go unnoticed, and in this case it makes her look more professional. The bell rings and off we go!

The two lock up in a collar and elbow tieup which Michelle quickly turns into a fireman’s carry, going into a cover. Two count only and Michelle grabs Kelly’s arm, pulling her up into an armbar. Surprising me, Michelle, and the crowd, however, Kelly actually counters with what looks like a flying snapmare that takes Michelle over Kelly’s shoulders onto her butt! Score one for Kelly! Michelle’s back up but K2 is ready for her, getting in a nice drop toe hold followed up with a drop kick! Dazed, the co-Women’s Champion gets back to her feet but Kelly grabs her hair and slams her back-first onto the mat again! She follows up by SLAMING Michelle’s head face first into the mat several times before being pulled off by the referee! I am simply LOVING this fire and aggression from Kelly!

Kelly runs as Michelle, trying for a knee strike but Michelle moves, allowing her opponent to slam into the corner. Michelle takes Kelly’s left arm and works it over, going back to the armbar. Kelly tries for another snapmare counter but as she jumps up, Michelle simply slams her onto the mat in her own counter! The crowd groans in sympathy as Michelle lays in with kicks to Kelly’s back and left shoulder. Grabbing the left arm again, she manuvers poor Kelly more towards the ropes (where Layla and Kaval are patrolling) and continues to work over the arm, using the ropes as leverage. On the outside, Layla continues to taunt “Smelly Kelly”, whereas Kaval looks impressed with the viciousness of Michelle’s offense. He encourages her to keep up the attack.

Michelle lifts Kelly up, continuing to keep a hold on the left arm, going back to the armbar. She lifts Kelly up but somehow K2 pushes Michelle back, landing on top in a pinning attempt! A nice reversal but it only gets her two. Both are back on their feet, Kelly running at Michelle but a shoulder block sends K2 down again. Michelle has a very evil look on her face and, planting one hand on the mat and the other on Kelly’s face, she does one push up, then switches hands for another! Layla’s estatic, jumping around on the outside like a demented jack rabbit; Kaval looks first stunned then impressed…then, as Layla jumps around, slightly freaked out at her (over)reaction. Meanwhile, Michelle basks in her own awesomeness before going for a cover. Somehow Kelly has the audacity to kick out at two!

Keeping K2 grounded, Michelle doggedly works on the left arm and wrist, methodically twisting each in an attempt to get Kelly to tap out. To her credit, Kelly doesn’t, instead trying to kick her knee into Michelle’s back but with little success. Finally Michelle simply SLAMS Kelly’s hand onto the mat! She yells in pain, rolling away from Michelle, clutching her hand – that looked painful as hell! Michelle follows up with a kick but the referee sends her back, asking Kelly if she wants to give up. Again, to her credit, she refuses, wanting to continue the match as she leans against the ropes, trying to rally her strength. Michelle studies her from the other side of the ring. Kelly makes it to her feet by using the ropes, but Michelle’s there, landing a high solid kick to her left shoulder, sending Kelly down to the mat once more. Hauling her up into the corner, Michelle continues to work over Kelly’s shoulder and arm. The referee separates her with a five count but as Michelle comes back in towards Kelly, K2 lands a stiff kick to Michelle’s face! She follows through with a Lou Thesz press, slamming Michelle’s head into the mat!

The two separate and get back to their feet, but Kelly gets two semi-leaping clotheslines on Michelle, followed by a kick to her mid-section. The crowd’s coming alive, cheering Kelly on. She goes to whip Michelle into the ropes, but Michelle reverses and on the return, Kelly hits a headscissors takedown! Michelle stumbles to her feet in the corner while Kelly waits. She charges but McCool moves, allowing K2 to go front-first into the corner.  Both women pause for a moment to catch their breath. Michelle grabs Kelly’s hair but Kelly jams her hip into Michelle’s midsection, then climbs up onto the turnbuckle and onto Michelle’s shoulders. It looks like she’s going for a roll up pin but instead Michelle unhooks Kelly’s legs, slamming her stomach first into the mat! As Kelly clutches her stomach in pain, the camera shows Michelle, creeping towards her on all fours ala Randy Orton-style. The look on her face is simultanously creepy and rather arousing – like a shark smelling blood in the water. When Kelly gets to her knees, Michelle strikes, lifting her up and putting her into position. One vicious Faithbreaker and that’s all she wrote. Michelle McCool gets the pin in a hard fought matchup against Kelly Kelly. Layla and Kaval hurry into the ring, both helping Michelle to her feet and raising her hand in victory.

This match up was in many ways just as good and possibly even better than last week’s match up that had Tiffany taking on Layla. Why better? Because Kelly performed as Flawlessly as her opponent and she showed a TON of aggression and fire. We’ve seen hints of this before but it’s only been since her move to Smackdown that Kelly has come into her own, showing she’s capable of more than just smiles and waves. Her snapmare counter at the start was impressive as was her drop toe hold and even her usual moves were infused with a passion that made me believe she was really out to pummel Michelle. Passion was something discussed on Diva Dirt Live Wednesday – I think we’re starting to see that from Kelly Kelly, or something close to it at any rate. As for Michelle, the comparisons to Randy Orton are startling but pretty spot on. She’s a predator, taking her time, taking advantage of her opponent’s weaknesses, waiting for just the right moment to strike. She looks and plays the part to a T. Well done ladies, you both continue to put on one hell of a show!

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