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WWE Superstars Redux (December 6th, 2013): Never Take Your Eyes Off the Prize

What’s up Diva fans and welcome to this week’s Superstars Redux! Trying to find a video for this week’s offering was like trying to find a needle in a haystack, yet I’ve finally managed to come across one! Keeping with the subject of needles in haystacks, Aksana‘s wins are like needles in haystacks as we’ve rarely even seen one. Reasonably fresh off pinning Brie Bella at Survivor Series, can Aksana use some of that rare luck to get a win here against Kaitlyn? Or will the Hybrid Diva beat Aksana clean for the 940639463633th time? There’s only one way to find out.


Kicking off this week’s episode of Superstars are our WWE Divas, with Kaitlyn the first to make her way to the ring. She’s all jorted up and looks ready for a walk in the park match against Aksana. Speaking of the Lithuanian, she is out next. One thing I will say about Aksana, her entrance is very unique and I really like that. It definitely stands out more than the likes of Kaitlyn’s.

The match starts with a collar and elbow tie-up and the commentary team immediately discuss the recent events in Kaitlyn’s off-screen love life. Strange how much they are plugging Kaitlyn’s new man. With Kaitlyn not being a cast member of Total Divas, you’d think they would not mention it. Unless she’s set to join the cast? Speculation over, Aksana shoves Kaitlyn, the latter of which looks pretty darn p-o’d! Aksana cowers to the ropes screaming like the first victim in a horror movie (let’s be real, Aksana would be the first to go). Kaitlyn keeps the offense going with a scoop slam, which she follows up with a backbreaker and shoulder block. Aksana retreats to the outside, yet although she was knocked down, she’s far from out. Kaitlyn goes to follow her yet Aksana trips her up, sending Kaitlyn crashing spine first on the ring apron.

Back in the squared circle, Aksana pounds at Kaitlyn’s head before raking it with her forearm. She then poses in the comedic way that only she can and then kicks Kaitlyn in the chest. Following some more strikes with her legs, Aksana snapmares her opponent and utilises a keylock/half nelson variation. Unlike most of Aksana’s submissions against Kaitlyn, this one barely lasts five seconds as Kaitlyn quickly gets to her feet. As quick as she got up, Aksana sends her right back down. Aksana berates the crowd and this distraction allows Kaitlyn to nearly roll up Aksana for the win. Don’t do that again Aksana!

Aksana gets right back on the offensive, knocking Kaitlyn down with an elbow. Aksana knees Kaitlyn all over some more before using her shin to choke Kaitlyn out in the corner. The Lithuanian Lovely then hits a sideslam and… the sexy slug crawl and kick combo. I’m still having nightmares about her crawling towards me like that! After two unsuccessful pin attempts, Aksana goes back to her earlier submission. Although locked in for a little longer this time, it’s still not as prolific as her ‘HEADLOCK OF ALMIGHTY DOOM’ as knowing she will never top that, Aksana changes tactic and starts to deliver some elbow drops. She misses the second one and missed a charging move in the corner and this is where Kaitlyn gets back in the swing of things!

Following an elbow and a clothesline, kaitlyn gets kicked in the face, yet she shrugs that off pretty quickly and nails her patented gutbuster. She then looks to be eyeing up Aksana for the Spear yet the cowardly heel retreats into the corner. The crafty Aksana then kicks Kaitlyn in the leg and attempts to cheat to win by having her feet on the ropes, yet the referee spots her shenanigans. Aksana is furious with the ref and argues with him like crazy, yet she took her eyes off the prize for a little too long as she turns round into a Spear and it’s over. Aksana loses to Kaitlyn for the 167th time.

Thoughts: A respectable yet somewhat forgettable encounter between both girls. It was nice to see Kaitlyn get a win (even if only 24 people will have watched it) and I believe that with AJ vs Total Divas going on, it’s important for Kaitlyn not to be forgotten about, and appearances like this make sure she’s still in people’s minds.

I also liked Aksana’s interaction with the crowd. Although I’m not a fan of Aksana’s look or sexy crawl, I do like how she rubs the crowd up the wrong way and her silly, cocky antics. If only she turned face and got a more impressive moveset. Alas, it’s better to see some Divas than no Divas so I’m thankful for that. And with that, stay tuned, Jack will be back!

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