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WWE Superstars Redux (February 20th, 2014): A Tussle Between ‘Total Divas’… and Tamina

What’s up Diva fans and welcome to this week’s Superstars Redux! We’ve got an interesting match on the cards this week as Nikki and Brie, The Bella Twins and Natalya, stars of Total Divas, are facing off against other stars of Total Divas, Eva Marie, Summer Rae… and Tamina Snuka, who isn’t on Total Divas.

It’s pretty shocking that this is taking place, considering just a week ago, WWE were still intent on having Eva Marie as a face, when she clearly should be a dastardly Diva looking out for no-one but herself. Thankfully, with Summer Rae now a part of the cast of the E! reality show, they can stick Eva with another mean girl, and it’s a good job they have! Although the pairing doesn’t make a lot of sense now on TV, it’s clear that this match is to be used on Total Divas, and there was a very interesting story that came out of the match. What story is that you may ask? Well, get pressing play ASAP and feast your eyes on the goodies!


Out first this week looking beautiful in black are Brie and Nikki. Unlike Brie and Nikki who you can look at but not touch, in the arena next is Natalya, who seems to always get touched up by the fans. This week, a small girl nearly touches Natalya’s organs of milk, and I think Natalya really needs to change up her entrance before someone does a Naomi and accidentally makes her wet herself.

The mega-rare occurrence of separate entrances continues, with Summer Rae entering the Superstars arena with her brand new music. It’s more mainstream and I actually quite like it, yet I still think I prefer the darker and moe sultry music she used to use. Goodbye ‘So Cool’, you will be missed. Her tassle-clad dancer style ring attire however, that will not be missed. Thank god she’s wearing one of her NXT attires!

Making her presence felt next is someone who unlike Summer, really does need new theme music, Tamina Snuka. Following Tamina’s surly and burly entrance, the rock (soon to be) anthem of Eva Marie flirts with the arena. Eva may not be Curt Hennig in the ring, but DAYUM, she looks amazing.

Tamina starts out the match with Nikki Bella but more or less right away, Summer tags herself in as she clearly thinks she’s the star of the show. I bet she could talk a good argument for that! Summer prances around the ring, prompting Nikki to do a reverse worm that gets the crowd pumped. Furious that her art form has been upstaged, Summer charges at Nikki, yet she gets a face full of Nikki’s knee for her troubles. Ouch.

Natalya is tagged in to the match next and she runs over Summer’s back and dropkicks her after Nikki his a snapmare. Nikki is tagged right back in, with her and Nattie hitting a clothesline/dropkick combo. Outraged, Summer pushes Nikki onto the middle rope and goes slap happy on the back of her head before Tamina takes advantage of the ref’s turned back by walloping Nikki in the face with a boot.

Speaking of Tamina, she’s tagged into the fray next, brutalizing Nikki with boots in the corner as soon as she enters the match. The cocky Summer tags herself back in, and she proceeds to use her boots to this time choke Nikki. Tamina is tagged back in, and although the heels are keeping themselves fresh, Eva looks to be moaning that she feels a little too fresh, she’s yet to be in the match!

Nikki begins to fight out of Tamina’s grasp yet the Pacific Island protector slams her back to the mat. Tamina tags Summer back in, meaning Eva is seeing even more red than just her hair and attire. Following a beat head, Summer locks Nikki in a body scissors, which Nikki breaks free of with relative ease due to her super-duper strength. Kaitlyn, who? Summer is quick to fire back with a kick to the face and knees to the gut, yet just as she tries to hit a sunset flip, Nikki catches her in mid-air and hits a sick Alabama slam!

Brie gets tagged in and she collides with Tamina clothesline styley! After hitting a dropkick, Brie gives Aksana a run for her money in the quest to be crowned ‘Princess of the Patella’, as she clobbers Tamina with some brutal knee strikes. Brie then climbs to the top rope and levels Tamina with a missile dropkick. Brie goes for the win, yet Summer and Eva break up the pin. Nikki takes out Summer, with Natalya dumping Eva. Nikki charges at Tamina aiming to hit a Bella Buster yet Tamina powers her off and decapitates her (not literally, that would not be PG) with a superkick. Tamina perches on the top rope like a hawk ready to fly, yet Nikki distracts her momentarily. After kicking Nikki to the curb, Tamina swoops, yet lands flat on her face when Nikki avoids the Superfly. A Bella Buster later and Nattie and the twins pick up the win!

Thoughts: I have no negatives to say about this match other than I wish it was longer! The most intriguing element of the match for me was Tamina and Summer’s reluctance to let Eva get into the match, only for Tamina to muck things up herself! It will be interesting to see if any dissension forms between Eva and Summer on Total Divas as I’m pretty sure that Eva Marie will not like getting outshone by a newbie to the reality shown cast, whether she is a ‘friend’ or not. You know what they say, keep your friends close, and your enemies threats closer.

Nikki Bella and Summer Rae were both very impressive in the match, conveying their characters excellently. Nikki is definitely the guy’s kind of girl, appealing to the mass males (including me) with her fierce moveset and electric athleticism. Summer has the bitchy heel role down to a tee. It’s clearly she’s studied a lot of tapes and you can never fault her facial expressions and mannerisms.

Side note to Natalya, I thought you looked good tonight. I’m liking the white pants with the black top deal you’ve got going on! Eva Marie also looked stunning. She looked amazing stood on the sidelines and that’s why WWE has hired her. She has THE look.

A very enjoyable match this week that was aided by the fact the crowd were really into it. Well done Divas!

And with that, stay tuned, Jack will be back!

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