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WWE Superstars Redux (January 10th, 2014): Natalya Gets a Nose Job, but Also the Last Laugh

What’s up Diva fans and welcome to this week’s Superstars Redux. The Kaitlyn and Aksana heavy show has a change of pace this week as Kaitlyn left the WWE and for whatever reason, Aksana is getting wins on Raw. Lord help us all. On this week’s show, Summer Rae takes on Natalya in only the second ever singles match on the main roster between the two. Summer won the first battle, so will lightning strike sunlight shine twice? Pardon that horrendous pun.


Out first is Natalya, and we are treated to a rather extreme close-up of her face. Summer is out next and may I remind you all again how I feel about hearing her awesome NXT music on the main roster – it’s fantastic. Still not keen on the attire though so before I start sounding like a broken record, ring the bell!

The match starts with Summer tripping Natalya and going for a pin straight away, jackknife cover style. Natalya kicks out and floats out, trying out a backslide in retaliation. Nattie goes for a kick yet Summer catches her leg and taunts her like there’s no tomorrow. Natalya spins out of it and locks Summer’s legs in a tight hold. Summer then headlocks Tal in order to escape and the girls rise to their feet. Nattie elbows out and then hits a fluid combination of hammerlock and side headlock submissions before hitting a headlock takeover. Summer uses those long legs of hers and wraps them round Natalya’s neck. Nattie writhes in pain for a brief moment before kipping up and the pair engage in a stare-off.

Natalya gets the better of the next exchange, beating Summer to the punch, well kick as she boots her in the gut. Nattie hits a snapmare and then performs a neat sequence of moves where she runs right over Summer’s back before hitting a basement dropkick. Nattie goes for a cover yet she can only manage two. Next, the Dungeon Diva tries to whip Summer across the ring. Summer reverses before pushing Natalya into the ropes and then knocking her nose out of place I’m sure with a devastating spinning heel kick. Summer only manages a one count but the damage has definitely been done to Nattie!

The referee seperates the girls whilst checking on Natalya’s nose. I wonder if the shock of that kick made Natalya need to use the bathroom a little bit? Sorry Natalya, I love you but you will never live the urination incident down. Summer’s decided Natalya’s had enough time out and chokes her in the corner, which I think is a stunning looking move. Stacy Kiebler, who?

Summer Rae rams Nataly’a sore face into the turnbuckle before dancing some more and decapitating Natalya again with another beautiful kick! Summer targets Natalya’s leg next, working her left leg over before applying her variation of a deathlock. Summer manages to trash talk as much as she dishes out serious pain using this move and I love it. Natalya certainly doesn’t though. Natalya manages to reverse the momentum of the move, leaving Summer in a world of hurt. Summer makes it to the ropes yet the adrenaline is clearly pumping through Nattie and she is all fired up!

Natalya knocks Summer around with some clotheslines before hitting a snap suplex and a sit-out scoop slam, the latter of which always looks mighty fine! Although mighty fine, Nattie must not think it’s effective enough to get a three count, so Natalya tries out another one of her usual weapons of choice, the discus clothesline, which also isn’t enough to get her the victory. Nattie whips Summer across the ring and Summer uses it as an opening, kicking her foe’s shoulder and ramming the back of her head to the mat.

Summer works over Natalya’s leg again by the ropes, yet Natalya manages to kick Summer off, all the way to the outside! Summer’s frustration gets the best of her and she screams like a banshee whilst Nattie has chance to get her breath back. Summer rushes back into the ring and right into Natalya’s arms. She uses those aforementioned arms to trip up Summer and lock in the Sharpshooter. This one is over!

Thoughts: Another very good match between these two, who clearly have A+ chemistry. I loved how the match didn’t start in the usual way and began right away with an exchange of pins. Little touches like that make matches that little more memorable. I also LOVED Summer’s kicks. They were executed perfectly and Natalya sold them sublimely. The submissions in the match didn’t tend to last long so I wouldn’t even class them as rest holds, and they were unique and so much better than seeing a chinlock like we see in a lot of Divas matches. Very good showing from both ladies!

And with that, stay tuned, Jack will be back!

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