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WWE Superstars Redux (January 24th, 2014): Can the Bellas Go 2-0 Over Foxsana?

What’s up Diva fans and welcome this week’s WWE Superstars Redux! I’m here to recap this week’s most talked about Superstars match: 3MB vs Sin Cara and Los Matadores! Just kidding, this is Diva Dirt, not Jobber Dirt. I am of course going to be recapping the second chapter in this week’s Bellas vs Foxsana saga, which saw Brie Bella, accompanied by Nikki, take on Alicia Fox, who had Aksana by her side. Can Alicia settle the score or will Brie ‘Bella Bust’ her way to a win?


Out first this week looking ravishing in red are The Bellas! I’m not a fan of Brie’s tassle things on her boots so I’m glad Nikki ditched that style and dressed to impress the men. I approve Nicole! Out second is Alicia Fox, and dare I say it, she’s accompanied by a sex and sultry looking Aksana. And I don’t mean ‘sexy’ as in the ‘sexy’ crawl, she genuinely looks good. #ShockHorror

The match starts with an amazing dodge from Brie, who slides under Alicia and locks in an awesome single leg crab. Alicia makes it to the ropes and then the girls stare down before Brie hits one of the Bellas’ patented jumping snapmares. Alicia is p-o’d and pushes Brie before she throws Brie to the outside after jockeying for position. Brie slaps the BEJEESUS out of Alicia before getting back into the ring. Brie ducks Alicia’s clothesline yet the cunning Fox ends up getting the upper hand after hitting a beautiful tilt-a-whirl backbreaker, a move I definitely missed from Wednesday’s Main Event clash!

After a cover, Alicia whacks Brie’s face into the mat before hitting the other move I missed from Main Event, the Northern Lights suplex. As cliche as it is for Alicia, it is a believable and effective hard-hitting move. Brie kicks out yet gets snapmared for her troubles. Alicia locks in a chinlock and although Brie gets out quickly, Alicia shuts her back down in a jiffy with a hard clothesline. Following another unsuccessful cover, Lic’ reverts back to the chinlock, and yet again, Brie fights out quickly. Alicia retaliates by ramming Brie into the corner and thrusting her shoulders into the stomach of Brie. Brie fights back with a kick to the face yet is in peril yet again after she jumps off the top rope and into Alicia’s knee it seems. It was hard to tell as this was the only downside to the match. A bit of a mess. Alicia covers Brie and gets a two count. Realizing the chinlock was not working for her, Alicia wrenches back Brie’s arms whilst digging her knee into Brie’s back. Brie gets the crowd behind her and manages to throw Alicia off of her and get the adrenaline pumping.

Brie hits a clothesline and a series of dropkicks before she goes for her running knee. Alicia scarpers to the outside yet Brie is pumping and isn’t going to let Alicia get away that easily! Brie smacks Alicia with a knee combo before ramming Alicia face first with a running hairgrab facebuster. Brie gets to the second rope, probably for a “BRIE MODE” dropkick yet Aksana distracts her on the apron. This allows Alicia to pull Brie from the ropes and get a two count. Aksana then gets more than she bargained for as Nikki Bella kicks her in the gut, slams her into the barricade and hits The Rack! Amazing. Alicia is distracted by the outside goings on so Brie takes advantage by finally hitting the running knee strike. Alicia then gets blasted with Brie’s Bella Buster and picks up the win.

Thoughts: How good was that ending sequence? When things break down, get messy and the girls go wild, I love it. Nikki owning Aksana was definitely the highlight of the match for me, despite the work between both combatants being very nice… other than the weird crossbody/clothesline botch. Not sure what went on there yet people make mistakes and it didn’t take away too much from the match for me. Great chemistry, interesting match and the Divas at ringside didn’t do my pet hate of just standing there and they got REALLY physical. Well done girls, I’m happy!

And with that, stay tuned, Jack will be back!

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