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WWE Superstars Redux (June 12th, 2015): Paige Coasts Her Way to Money in the Bank

Howdy-hey, ladies and gents! I’m here to bring you the latest from Superstars, a show the Divas don’t often grace. This week it’s the battle of the Brits, as Paige takes on Layla ahead of her Divas Title match tonight at Money in the Bank.

Paige heads out first, in all her anti-diva glitz and glamour! We’re reminded of what happened between Paige and the Bella twins, and that awful segment from Smackdown. I enjoy Paige, really. I’m a bit sick of THIS IS MY HOUSE, admittedly, but overall I have nothing against her. But that Smackdown mic work was no her best, and it was glaringly obvious.

Layla’s out next. The last ever Women’s champion looks intense a she stares down her opponent for the night. It’s been a while since she’s been on TV, and I don’t think I’ve ever seen her take on Paige, so this is pretty exciting.

The bell rings and we’re underway!

Layla takes control early on, driving Paige into the corner. Paige comes out swinging, however, and flings Layla into the ropes. Layla counters, rolling safely out of harms way. Paige isn’t as impressed as Layla would like her to be, I’m sure, and she pulls the same outfit again. This time, she catches Layla and knocks her down. Paige goes for the pin but only get a two count.

Paige drives her knee home into Layla’s chest, before throwing her backwards like a rag doll. Paige taunts her then, sitting herself on the top rope like a pirched bird and sliding along it just as Layla does. Layla’s unimpressed (totally not cool Paige, jeez) but still can’t seem to get a look in. There’s some back and forth and Layla winds up on the outside, unable to get back in.

When she eventually does, after a helpful throw from Paige, Layla lulls Paige in and the strikes hard in the knee and the face. Layla goes for a pin, but Paige kicks out after two. Layla now has Paige where she wants her. She’s vicious with her opponent in the corner, throwing her face first repeatedly into the turnbuckle. Layla then scales the ropes behind Paige and begins going to work with the sleeper hold, first with her legs, and second with her arms. She lifts Paige several feet off the floor, as Paige struggles against her.

Layla kicks the back of Paige’s head, and for the former divas champ goes down hard. Layla now on the offensive once again, not letting up, a she applies a modified sleeper to Paige in the centre of the ring. The crowd begins trying to get behind their fave,and Paige manages to get to her feet. Only for Layla to throw her right back down again. It’s still only enough for a two count.

Layla locks in the sleeper once more. Paige manages to get herself out of it, and comes off the ropes into a big kick in the gut from Layla. Not quite enough to take Paige out, however. Paige nails Layla with a huge kick to the jaw, laying Layla out (see what I did there?)!

Paige plants Layla with the ramPAIGE, and it’s one, two, three.

Thoughts: Predictable. I am so sick of Paige having the crap kicked out of her, only to come back in two or three moves! Layla is a former womens (and the very last, I might add) and divas champion, but is put away after one stiff kick and a DDT? No thank you. Almost half the time of this video comprised their entrances and the throwbacks to Raw and Smackdown. We could have had more of a story, and much more of a back and forth. We know Layla can put on a good, lengthy match and we sure as hell know that Paige can too, so why not give them the time to do it?! As much as people love Paige, believe it or not, they actually want to see her do what she does best. That’s wrestling. Not just quick wins.

Alright, I’m going to go and take a breath.

Until next time!

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