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WWE Superstars Redux (June 19th, 2014): Nikki’s Out For Alicia’s Blood

Hello! Eleri here, pulling double duty tonight as Jack’s rather busy being fabulous and social this evening. I’m filling in, and I know those are some pretty big shoes to fill!

I’m actually really excited to be writing this week’s edition, as it sees my fave of faves Nikki Bella take on the super cray-cray Alicia Fox. I’ve been itching to write about Alicia since she rose like a phoenix a few weeks back. Her character is so entertaining. If you disagree that’s fine but you’re wrong. As for Nikki, I just fell in love with her on Total Divas, and she’s one of my fitness inspirations. Her body right now is insane. But I digress.

Nikki’s out first with her custom NIKKI side tron. She looks pretty in pink as she struts her way down to the ring. She stops to hug and kiss a fan in by the barrier and it’s so sweet. The last time we saw Nikki in action was when Stephanie McMahon forced her to compete in a handicap match against Alicia Fox and Aksana (#fornevermissed). I was intrigued by that storyline and did hope we’d get to see more of Nikki having to deal with the repercussions of Brie’s actions, but alas it wasn’t to be. So far anyway.

I don’t know if it’s just me, but I certainly feel that there’s a separation in the Divas division right now. On one hand you’ve got divas like Nikki and Natalya, both of whom you would call veterans because, like it or not, Nikki has been there a long time. Then there’s the newbies like Paige and Summer Rae and Emma. There’s a disconnect, which is good in a way, because it means that we have the opportunities for several different feuds at once. We’ve got Layla and Summer Rae going right now (which I’d like to see go to PPV, with Fandango as the special referee) and we’ve got Paige/Alicia (though it’s dwindled) and now Paige/Funkadactyls. I foresee Naomi taking the title from Paige and then having Cameron chasing it as a heel. On the other hand I feel, watching Nikki come to the ring, that she’s very far removed from a lot of the other girls and I don’t know if I like it.

Alicia’s music hits (and I still hate it) and she saunters down to the ring.

The bell rings and it looks as though they’re going to lock up when out of nowhere Nikki hits a lovely Thesz press! Nikki clearly hasn’t forgotten about the handicap match. She’s out for blood. She takes the fight straight to Alicia, slamming her off the ropes and into the mat. She starts working the left arm as Alicia screams ‘whyyyyy?!’. Great stuff already!

The crowd is really responding to Nikki! It’s none of that fake filtered nonsense either. I love it. Nikki continues to work the arm of Alicia, before nailing a running drop kick. Beautiful stuff. Alicia manages to crawl to the ring apron. Nikki’s in pursuit and they each grab handfuls of hair. Alicia gets the upper hand and Nikki gets caught up in the ropes. She’s thrown back into the ring.

Alicia’s on the offensive now, delivering a stiff kick and following it up with a chin lock as Nikki struggles to catch her breath. The crowd rallies behind Nikki but she can’t fight out of it. Alicia hits her Northern Lights suplex and gets a one count. Alicia traps Nikki under the bottom rope and stands on the back of her neck. Nikki looks worse for wear as Alicia locks in another chin lock.

Nikki fights out of it with a monkey flip and then goes right after Alicia with some hard clothesline, a drop kick and a knee to the face. Nikki’s rolling and she gets a two count! Alicia reverses an Irish whip and sends Nikki flying into the corner. Alicia then climbs to her feet like something I can only describe as demonic. She aims for a big boot to the face but Nikki ducks out of the way.

With Alicia caught up in the ropes, Nikki seizes the opportunity and hits the Nikki Rack Attack for the three count and the win!

Nikki climbs the turnbuckle to celebrate with the fans, when suddenly Alicia hits her from behind with her boot!!

That’s right! The camera cuts to Alicia, and she’s taking the other boot off too! Nikki’s having none of that and throws the boot right back, before trying to get back in the ring and go for round two. The ref won’t allow it, however, and so Nikki takes her leave. Alicia’s still going in the ring – she’s thrown her knee pad at Nikki now!

‘Real women fight like this!’ she says, waving her fist in the air. With a bit of a limp, Alicia climbs the turnbuckle and gives us all a front row seat to the gun show. Impressive. She signs off with a loud and definitive,

“Hashtag, losing!”


Thoughts: I really enjoyed this match. It was very physical and told the right story. Nikki was pissed off, and Alicia was unstable. I thought they had great chemistry and I’d like to see them go for round two at some point. Nikki’s Rack Attack was beautifully executed, as was her Thesz press. Alicia’s suplex was near enough perfect too! A very good showing for both ladies! Hopefully this match can follow suit after Cameron and Paige and wind up on Raw sometime in the next few weeks. I won’t hold my breath, but a girl can dream!

Have no fear, Jack will be back next time!

Until next time. Ciao! x

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