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WWE Superstars Redux (June 5th, 2014): Cameron Can Talk, But Can She Walk?

Good morning/afternoon/evening/whatever time of day it is for you Diva fans, and welcome to this week’s edition of the Superstars Redux. Jack’s busy having lots of fun elsewhere, so I’ll be your host. You know you love me.

So after Payback, Paige sat down to be interviewed by numerous people and discussed her win over Alicia Fox. All was going smoothly, until Cameron took it upon herself to interrupt our fair Divas champion and demand to know why she has yet to receive a championship match. Well, for one thing Cameron, you haven’t beaten the champ yet. Cameron goes on to say that she and Naomi – who is close by just in case Cameron decides to go South side on Paige’s British behind – have both been busting their asses all year to prove that they deserve to be in the title picture. Girl, I feel you. Naomi was flat out robbed of a title opportunity by Aksana. #deportaksana lives on!

Paige offers Cameron a title match any time she wants one.

If that segment was anything to go by, then Cameron is heading for a heel turn! But it could just be something WWE will let slide as a one time thing. Personally, I think Cameron will work better as heel because it just suits her personality. If you’ve seen Total Divas, I think you’ll agree with me. If not, I don’t care.

Onto the match!

Paige is out first, and the match is serving as the show opener. Cameron quickly follows suit, with Naomi in her corner, and Paige wastes no time in stepping up the plate. She’s clearly not intimidated by Cameron one little bit. Not deterred, Cameron begins trash talking the champ, and when Paige responds in kind, Cameron slaps her hard and follows it up with a stiff kick to the mid section.

Cameron seems to think she’s got the upper hand, but all she’s really done is pissed Paige off. The champion sends Cameron flying with a big slap, followed up with a head butt and a couple of hair tosses. Cameron’s quickly back on the offensive and she takes Paige down, but she takes too much time in getting over to her. Paige recovers and drags Cameron over to the ropes for a succession of knees to the side, chest and mid-section. I’m not going to lie, I’m not entirely sure where the knees were aimed at, but it doesn’t matter as Paige got the job done.

Cameron splits to the outside and around to Naomi, who looks completely unimpressed by her partner’s efforts. She simply tells her to get back in there. Cameron does not look happy, but she begrudgingly steps back into the squared circle and in an unsurprising turn of events, begs Paige to reconsider and shake her hand.

#HeelCameron is coming.

Just as Paige takes her hand, Cameron boots her in the groin hard! She then hits a beautiful face plant on the champ and it earns her a two count. With Paige still down, Cameron goes high risk and climbs the top rope. She attempts a cross body but Paige is too quick and ducks out of the way.

Paige washes her hands of the match and sets Cameron up for the PTO. Cameron tries to fight out but she can’t. Paige locks it in, and Cameron taps out.

I was surprised by how much I enjoyed this. It made Paige look strong coming off of Payback, and it built Cameron as a genuine, credible threat to her. Plus I’m like 98.5% positive Cameron has a heel turn coming. (#HeelCameron. Tweet it folks.)

Oh, we’re not done. As Paige celebrates her win with title in hand and not at all in question, Naomi saunters on up to Cameron with a look that could definitely kill. Or maim. Basically, she’s one unhappy bunny. She’s basically saying a big, fat I told you so. If I was a betting girl, I’d put money on the Funkadactyls heading for Splitsville. Cameron looks ready to pull an Alicia Fox and run out of there screaming.

That’s it for this week, guys! Hope you enjoyed my stepping in and aren’t sick of me yet! Stay tuned, because Jack will be back. (Yeah, I stole his line, but he will be. Sue me.) Ciao!

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